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# 1 The Klingon Problem Thread
04-07-2010, 02:13 PM
The idea of this thread is to make one single list of all the problems we Klingons have as a faction.
Hopefully this will allow the DEVs to answer our questions and worrys in a way they have not, as yet, done.

I will try to keep this thread updated as often as I can.


1.) Klingons are unable to show Kits/Armor on any of their characters.

This makes no sense to me as it is a simple job of reskinning the fed ones.

2.) Very limited options for outfits.

Even though they added more options for klingon faction NPCs they still have not added these options to the actual klingon players.

3.) Female Klingon characters have almost ZERO options in terms of outfit.

The options here are summed up nicely by the fact that the klingon woman can have only one option for shoes....ones bigger then the actual player model by about 5 sizes.

4.) Ship customisation is still very lacking in most tiers.

Some more options have been added but its still a woefull situation in most tiers. Just because we can cloak doesn't mean we don't want ships to be individual.

Klingon PvE

1.) Cluster missions are very buggy. Often empty or uncompleteable

As the only viable repeatable missions to level with these need to be in working order. the problems were reported on tribble by many but they went live as broken anyway. In a given sitting of say 5 cluster missions (5x3 in other words) 1 will be empty, 2 will have objectives unreachable and another 1 will bug dureing play. so thats 11/15 instances that actually work...

2.) Loot is subpar compared to federation missions

I leveled two chars to commander 3, one a Fed and the other klingon. Both did ONLY cluster missions for puposes of comparison. It was very clear that the fed side dropped many more useable items such as shields, weapons etc. On my Fed character I had my ship and avater and crew outfitted by the 4th levle of each tier: On my Klingon I struggled to outfit my ship ONLY by the END of each tier. the klingon loot is heavily angled towards batteries.

3.) No reward items for mission Completion

The Federation storyline missions give great rewards from kits to consoles and back again. We may not have those story missions but surely a bit of loot from completeing missions would not be a bad idea to level the playing field.

4.) Cluster missions overcrowded

The clusters often report nothing of interest to the klingon empire... Now the feds get crafting materials in that situation. As Klingons don't the only thing this adds is a time sink. Now with PvP at the lower teirs almost non-existant atm I think an increase in active clusters would be a very good idea.

5.) Klingons confined in 2 sectors

While the federation have multiple secotrs to work through the klingons are kept confined in 2 sectors, Only one fo which is Klingon only. This makes for a VERY clostraphobic player experience. Later on we do get the Gamma Orionis sector it is true but the gameplay options there are very limited and it is only availabale from BG3 onwards.

6.) Klingon Scnners non-functional

A fed can use his scanner to point to nearby objectives. With klingons there is no directional beam...this seems strange indeed and makes already dull missions even more irritating.

Klingon PvP

1.)Low Tier PvP almost dead.

A definite problem as the klingon faction requires PvP marks to get any decent gear. The reasons are bovious with less ppl leveling chars the opponents simply aren't there. Add in the option to do FvF and the klingon queues dry up. (NOTE: I am simply saying that as klingons tend to be in higher numbers due to lack of other options in low teir the fact they are outnumbered tends to discourage the feds from FvK play)

2.)PvP rewards take MUCH longer to accrue then the Fed equivalent PvE rewards

In short my Fed at RA1 aquired alot of gear from his story missions etc. In one night I had equiped my ship completely. On my Klingon at BG1 a single night netted enough to buy 2 weapons. As Klingons are limited in terms of options a decrease in the badge cost of items would bring it inline with the federation.

3.)All the usual problems of PvP

No auto teaming, Klunky queue system, uneven teams, we all know the problems with PvP atm and it would take a list as long as this one to identify them all.

End Game

1.) STF missions

As a klingon attempting to do the STF missions can be very difficult. Why? Because of the low numbers of Klingons getting a group can be a very long process indeed. Due to this fact it would be great to be allowed to team with the Federation for these missions. At least untill the numbers rise to something close to even.


1.) Klingon Crafting

this is totally non-existant althrough we do sometimes obtain mats as drops. I can only assume that some from of crafting will be implimented. But how and when the DEVs won't say.

2.) In the Klingon Forums no DEVs can hear you scream

How about some comments from DEVs in the Klingon forums, answers to our questions or even some of thse things being worked on and showing up in the Engineering reports? We pay to play our Klingons so throw us a bone please



Below added by Arcian_Darkrobe
Explore Mission Bugs

1. BO pop-up at the beginning does not happen (the mobs only spawn in response to the BO conversation)

2. Some "kill" objectives, are only damagable from 1 spot in a 360 circle.

3. Enemies spawning on the roof of buildings

4. Enemies spawning deep inside the building

5. "Kill " objectives spawning into " defeat x/y enemy patrols/squads/etc "

6. Long pause between objective updating. (you'll notice how long it takes for bodies to despawn on map, or BO dialog to prompt)

7. "kill" objectives are only targetable from "spacebar mashing" if in the arcs, this can make finding the "kill" objective hard, since scanning does nothing. (if scanning worked, or even show the local on the map, this would be almost a null issue)

8. Some of the " goto ship " missions have a cloaked ship as the local. Finding this can be a severe pain.

Item Vendors ( Explore/PvP)

1. No EPS Flow consoles until Mk VIII

2. No Dual Beam Banks (Disruptors)

3. No Beam Arrays (disruptors)

KDF PvP/PvE (non-explore) Missions

1. KvK is non-existant, thus these can't be completed. Being that they are the ONLY way to unlock the next "type" of mission, players are still going to be stuck w/ " kill X/Y Klingons"

2. The timer of 12hrs or 10min on our mission is forcing players to PvP or PvE. Yes, Fed has the same, but they also have Storylines, which cuts out the majority of the grind. Only when there are 2x "rank lvl" explores, does this happen for KDF. (I've only seen @ Lt. Cmd)

3. No one is doing the low level STF missions, there is no "lure" for it. (especially if they played it as a Fed)


1. KDF progression is MUCH slower than Fed. (pre S1 patch Fed vs S1 KDF)

Ex. 1x Explore series was 1/2 a bar of XP as Fed, assuming all 3 missions were " defeat x/y " not " gather data, which gives no XP. I'm lucky if the turn in is 1/2 a bar now as KDF.

I think this is a fair attempt to highlight the major problems of our faction. Any I have forgotten I appologise and please post them in reply to this message and I will add them as soon as I can.

Final Note: By posting this I am not claiming to be the best klingon/best player/worlds authority on anything. I am simply trying to get some answers for myself and klingon players like me, as well as to help the DEVS by showing them the problems we want addressed most.

So please leave a reply in support and say what you want sorted most in short term and medium term.
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# 2
04-07-2010, 02:14 PM

1.) Klingon Carrier movement is terrible

I have spent alot of time on my Carrier and the turn rate is rediculously slow. I have every turn rate bonus I can get while still carrying 2 eps consoles. With the turn rate and the fact it takes about 2 minutes to stop completely its makes it incredibly difficult to fly effectively.

2.) Latest additions actually removed one customisation option

By FirstAngelus
The last patch did not just add some (very ugly) modification options for ships, in case of the Bird of prey it took one: The canons of the Hegh'ta bird of prey are diffrent now. And i for my self do not like the new Hegh'ta-canons and i even less like the new Bop's Cannons.
Why cant be the old ones add as an option? I mean i still have the "old" version, but I cant change the bridge or anything like colors on my ship without loosing that.

Another good thread with lots of klingon problems by Askarr:
Another good thread here: by Jack_Armstrong

Some good answers from this thread

From Tribblerancher:

1. even if we cant go in to the fed space, we could meet with a klingon ship to do a mission in fed space. for example, all fedrats know that mission where LT Paris needs your help to rescue the federation ambassador... i hope. make a klingon mission that your job is to go and subdue that same ambassador! it would use the same level, reskin the NPC's. part of your mission could be to set the spatial charges and then capture the ambassador. when you are finished, youe 'superior' you met with in klingon space to start the mission beams down, takes over and sends you on your way, maybe with a gear reward. even better, you could kidnap Lt. Paris and turn her over to B`Vat!!! at least on early player levels, the instances are already made, just a little skinning and dialog writing.

2. for klingon pvp, have you choose a house faction either via a quest chain (changeable after a time limit) or if you are part of a fleet, the fleet leadership decides (klingon fleets could be seen a another house supporting duras or martok). have a statsitics page that is viewable with things like total kills, total deaths, total victories, total damage, total healing and maybe averages for a set time period (let us say a week) when the server goes down for regular maintenance, a banner could be hung in the great hall on Qonos indicating the winner for that time period, house of duras or house of martok. as a reward for victory, the winning side could get a buff of (spoils for the victor!) effectively a reduced price item from the exploration stores on qonos or PVP stores on that outpost that i cant remember the name of right now. at higher levels it might take 1 mark of exploration or mark of honor of the cost of an item (limited time after winning it to cash it in)

this could be applied to fed vs klingon as well and take more a a fleet action flavor. feds, if they win, could get "peace has been assured" buff and kilngons could get "spoils of war." for whatever time frame these run on, or number of matches, the victor gets 3 reduced price purchases.

now if the statistics are tracked like i suggested, it would give a tool to see how changes made to the game affect overall gameplay. to illustrate, they change a value on fed cruisers. when that change goes live, fed deathrates drop and victories go up exponentially. that could be an indicator that the change to fed cruisers is bugged. BUT DONT PUNISH THE WINNING SIDE CAUSE A CHANGE WAS FOUND TO BE UNBALANCING.

thie pvp idea would give a RP reason to PVP and bragging rights. furthermore, you could allow multiple levels with in a range to participate (cmdr5 to RAdm5 for example). the mechanic could be straight battle with a limited number of reinforcements (think old school firearms from the original half life). you could advertise the battle as every so often, or when a certain number of people que for it, or a combination. there could even be designated ceasefires as a galactic event that effects all players (like the borg attack at the end of head start)

if a third faction ever enters (cough cough, knock on wood) then same could go with them.

i dont know if these 2 ideas would help with pvp and klink pve but who knows


KDF space is very very small. Even Cardassian space is bigger, I see 3 sector blocks marked with a brown border, so I assume that space is reserved for a future faction. Cardassia lost the Dominion War (more than anyone) and has some real issues with the True Way now. Also, some of their systems went to the Breen in the last months of the war, and it is unlikely they simply returned the territory to Cardassia later. The Breen came out of the war with less damage than the Cardassians, didn't have to fight in their space (still have their shipyards and all)... And after all that, the Cardassians still have a bigger territory than the Klingons? Makes no sense.

The Klingon Empire just won some conflicts (and possibly territories, like Gorn space) and is in a very strong position. Ok, Nausicaans have no space except some asteroid belts (these have to be somewhere, too). So where is a KDF controlled former-Gorn sector? The Orions are allied with the Klingons, yet there is nothing indicating this in the Fed Orion sector. Put Orion on the map and make it a PvP zone or something. There is only the Risa Sector between Orion and KDF space, its not too far out to say Klingons could have a supply line there and pass the Fed territory under cloak. The DSE Klingon ships somehow reach the Vulcan sector, too.

During the war between Klingon Empire and Cardassia, the Klingons captured several systems and never gave them up after the war. Cardassia was in no position to take them back. The Federation protested long before the Dominion War, and the Klingons didn't care; so why would they care after the war? In other words, that's a canon reason for a Klingon sector block near the Cardassian border. Would also make a good PvP zone once there is a Cardassian faction; with an in-build conflict/story. As long as there is no Cardassian faction, its a good place for a fleet action to defend/capture a colony or even give the Klingons own DSEs with True Way ships. *gasp*


Why aren't the worlds we conquered like gorn not in the game, why is Ty'Gokor not in the game, i get it Qo'nos is the homeworld and we have gandola, but feds have starbase sierra, DS9, and the sol starbase, balancewise why dont we have Ty'Gokor?
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# 3
04-07-2010, 03:03 PM
I was just about to link Aksarr's thread for that very reason.

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# 4
04-07-2010, 04:15 PM
Let me start off by saying, kudos to the OP for organizing Klingon grievances in one thread. I don't really play Klingon, although I desperately want to. Most of my gripes are already listed above, while a few are not. A post that I made a little over a month ago sums up my feelings:
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# 5
04-07-2010, 04:15 PM
Its nice to see new people take up the cause. Pull up a chair and get cozy cause we are in for a very long wait.
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# 6
04-07-2010, 07:26 PM
Klingon scanners don't work, makes it harder than neccessary to find the mission items in ground exploration. Fed scanners point in the direction of whatever I have to scan; Klingon scanners do nothing and let me run around aimlessly on the planet.

No crafting at all.

No costume options.

Very limited ship customization.
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# 7
04-07-2010, 09:10 PM
I would like to further the plight of customization, especially concerning non-Klingons. It feels extremely strange seeing my Gorn captain wearing Klingon clothes. You don't need to do anything that special if you want to be stingy (though it would be nice to see some fancier player stuff). Just rip the stuff from Gorn NPCs. Hell, most Gorn are shirtless with a few doodads here and there.

This same feeling is persistant with my Orion captain, though their NPCs are pretty bland so it would take a big more imagination to create something for the players. I'd have to say this keeps me from playing my Klingon characters more than anything else.. just feels.. not right, unpolished, half-assed, etc. I'm sure Nausicaan and Lethean (and Alien) Captains feel the same way. Klingon clothes -really- only work for Klingons.. and even then, the current batch is nothing compared to what NPCs can wear.

While we're at that, how about completing the other half of the Gorn gender? They do exist and are even more apt at combat than the males, so it isn't like the Gorn hide them away from the universe.

To top it all off implimenting the visuals for armor and kits would be fantastic, and not Fed-rip offs. I know I make it sound a lot easier than it is guys, but please.. you owe it to yourselfs to do these things to make the faction feel like its not just a minigame.
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# 8
04-08-2010, 07:54 AM
Keep the feedback comeing guys and gals, Want to keep this thread alive
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# 9
04-08-2010, 11:10 AM
2.) Loot is subpar compared to federation missions

I leveled two chars to commander 3, one a Fed and the other klingon. Both did ONLY cluster missions for puposes of comparison. It was very clear that the fed side dropped many more useable items such as shields, weapons etc. On my Fed character I had my ship and avater and crew outfitted by the 4th levle of each tier: On my Klingon I struggled to outfit my ship ONLY by the END of each tier. the klingon loot is heavily angled towards batteries.
If you do PvP you end up with A: zillions of cash, and B: lots of medals to buy better gear very easy. So yes, if you only do PvP your gear will be not so good.

But i agree, the loot drops are often batteries, batteries and even more.....batteries
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# 10
04-08-2010, 11:16 AM
Agreed give the KDF some devolepment time cryptic! Even SoE work faster than you seem to.

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