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To : All Star Trek Online Fleets

From : Fleet Admiral Alaris Perim, Department of Temporal Investigations, Earth

In Star Trek lore, The Federation is made up of numerous worlds with a diversity of races within it. Each world shares it's own unique culture with the races of the United Federation of Planets.

In Star Trek Online, The Fleets in our gaming universe are very similar to the Worlds of the Federation. Each fleet has a unique culture and perspective of the varying aspects of gaming in MMO's and more specifically in Star Trek Online. Our fleets also create, develop and run our own fleet-based events from week to week to make our experience in this virtual realm that much more enjoyable for all players. Each of our fleets represent a small populace of players across the quadrant of Star Trek Online, but as a whole, we could expand upon that player base by forging our own Federation.

I make this propositon to all fleets across the universe, in an effort to build an MMO community like no other. A Federation of Fleets that will share already established players bases, weekly and daily events, participate in playing, testing, and developing new content in and for Star Trek Online, as well as leading and mentoring new players and making new friends not just online, but in real life.

The benefits of founding this Federation would have far reaching effects in extending and continuing the life of Star Trek Online. For example, opening lines of communication between fleets would help dedicated players looking for a fifth member of their starship battlegroup or away team for an episode/raid-isode/fleet action. With these open lines of communication, players and fleets could set up PvP matches, even quadrant wide tournaments for cross-fleet engagements as well as cross-faction engagements. Roleplayers could find many other player that enjoy this very aspect of RPGing and create their own stories to enjoy. Artistically talented players could put together a group of players whose knowledge, skills, and abilites in music, video editing, website design, writing, etc... could be put to great use to make Star Trek Online videos, even scripted series' for everyone to enjoy. As you can see the this list of benefits could continue onward.

Fleets of Star Trek Online, I open our lines of communication to you as a gesture to the start of this foundation. I have created a chat channel in Star Trek Online named 'FederationOfFleets'. To add this channel to your chats, simply right click on the chat window to open up the Chat Configuration Panel. Select the Channels Tab. In the Join/Create field, type FederationOfFleets. If you send a private message or email to Alaris Perim@MindImagination, I can also send you an invite to the channel.

I raise my glass in the hopes that we can find some common grounds to make this a great community for all Star Trek Online players.

Have a great week, and may Time travel with you wherever the journey may take you.

Fleet Admiral Alaris Perim
Department of Temporal Investigations - http://www.sto-dti.guildportal.com
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Join Date: Dec 2007
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04-08-2010, 12:50 AM
Sounds like a good idea in theory my friend, whether people will come together in practice, is another matter. However, I will give it a go.

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