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I finished the quest line and get sent back to the Guardian for the mission completion. I hailed Starfleet and spoke to Admiral Quinn, who gives me the "Well done, expect to be debriefed by the time police" dialog, but I don't get any reward. No item. No skill points.

The odd thing is, the mission doesn't show up in my Captain's Log as being completed. It's not in my journal. Admiral Quinn won't offer it again. It's like the mission simply doesn't exist for that character at all now. I even had someone else share the mission with me and went through it again, and no reward of any kind.

I opened a support ticket, and got the canned response about "This has been forwarded to out bug team" but that doesn't really tell me whether or not someone is going to give me my engines. It basically just says, "Yeah, we heard you. We'll let someone know." It doesn't even say if I'll be contacted about it again. If it were any other mission reward, I'd probably just move on and not care... but those engines are useful for a long, long time. So useful that it'd be worth deleting the character and remaking just so I can get them.

So... what's the deal, support? Are you planning on getting back to me, or did you just file it away as something to fix in the mission?
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04-01-2010, 01:06 PM
I just made a new character and powered through to this mission and have discovered the problem.

City on the Edge of Never is an LC4 mission.
Past Imperfect is an LC5 mission.

If you do not level during the City quest, you still get the Past Imperfect quest, but it's grey and has a message in your journal stating:

Secondary Mission - You were ineligible for this mission when you received it. Rewards for completing this mission will be reduced.

So you get nothing, and you lose the ability to do the mission normally.
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04-01-2010, 03:00 PM
Leveled up to LC 2 and Quinn offers the mission. So I think this will allow the reward this time.

The problem, though, still needs to be addressed. Past Imperfect either needs to be lowered by a level or City on the Edge of Never needs to be raised one. (I'd vote for the latter)
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04-08-2010, 12:46 AM
I experience this problem today. When I am LC 1, no reward for me. T_T

It looks like I need to level up a bit more, so I can get an efficient impulse. gah, I need to slow down. XD

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