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In coordination between Lotus Fleet and Risen Phoenix Fleet and after receiving private support from other Fleets regarding this matter. Lotus Fleet and Risen Phoenix present this proposal in the hope that other Fleets will choose to endorse this means of communication and distribution of information to Cryptic and from Cryptic to their member base. As a result and some quick math:

If we can get at minimum 100 Fleets to endorse this and in game a max number of 250 Fleet members are present then the potential player base that will be reached is 25,000 STO players that not only take part in discussion on their own Fleets main form of communication but play regularly with the same individuals and as a result can collaborate quickly on all aspects of the game.

As a result of these numbers I can speak on behalf of Lotus Fleet that we have a very large number of Non-STO playing members that we can also reach equally that have the potential to play STO should they begin to see

It is our feeling that this form of communication will help (not compete with) the many other forms of Player to Developer/Developer to Player communication that is also representative of the players concerns and in game interests.

As such support in this endeavor will be appreciated and until a Fleet Council is voted upon (read info below) by the community Lotus Fleet and Risen Phoenix will manage the flow of information temporarily until such time we can be replaced.

Please note that all Fleets are welcome to distribute this proposal to other Fan/Fleet sites in an effort to spread word and support over this endeavor.

Proposal is as follows:

To: All Star Trek Online Fleets/Houses

CC: Other Star Trek Gaming Sites interested in taking part in this endeavor

Subject: Proposal for a United Council of Fleets

What Is the United Council of Fleets?

The United Council of Fleets (referred to hereafter as UCF) is where Star Trek and Star Trek Online Gaming Clans and Websites will join together in cooperation in the world of Star Trek Online, with this in mind the UCF will endeavor to engage and inform the STO player base as well as the non-player base regarding questions and information specific to the development and long term success of Cryptic Studios/Atariís Star Trek Online.

Note: This is a Proposal to all Fleets within The Star Trek Online Community/Star Trek Gaming and will act as pre-curser to follow on discussions in a effort to form a United Council of Fleets and houses.

Please note that this proposal is NOT intended for role-playing efforts, as a result equal representation will be conducted regardless of in game faction.

Key Points

∑ Star Trek Clans and Guilds will form an entity made up of many smaller guilds

∑ Member Guilds/Fleets will need to meet the minimum criteria of the UCF in order to be accepted as a member

∑ Inter-Fleet/Faction conflicts between Fleets will not be entertained, all Fleets will be represented equally regardless of reputation or existing conflicts with other community guilds.


As a means to an end the UCF will function only to bring player based feedback about STO and its associated content as well as website features and development to the eyes of Star Trek On lines Developing Team (Cryptic Studioís). The UCF will work to distribute via the individual Fleets avenues of communication relevant content and feed back in the form of (but not limited to) surveys, questionnaires, open ended forum discussions, recorded meetings and other vital information that is representative of the player bases opinions. To be crystal clear this body is representative of the Fleet and Clans that play STO and all Fleets and clans that meet the requirements listed are free to join.


At least three charter guilds to sign up to the Council and assist in the creation of the Council. Followed by this, the Charter guilds will ensure the continued communication and distribution of information to the rest of the UCF as well as work to manage and organize all information coming from Member Fleets/Houses to Cryptic/Atari.

the 3 Charter guilds will be selected by nomination of the existing Star Trek Online Community.

Follow-on member guilds/fleets must meet all of the following criteria for consideration into the UCF.

∑ Fleet must have some type of communication medium in order to facilitate mass communication needs to the Fleet (I.E: Team speak/ Ventrillo/ Alternative VOIP, Email, Chat room.)

∑ Fleet must have a Website/Forum that represents its individual organization.

∑ A minimum of 5 members is required, no Player Character Alts.

How to Register Your Clan or Websites Interest

Please respond to this thread.

Charter Member Nominations will be taken from the initial 100 Fleets that respond to this thread in support of this proposal and meet the minimum requirements for membership to the UCF.

Fleets wishing to participate:

The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet
Lotus Fleet
Risen Phoexin Fleet
3rd Fleet
The Shadows
The Exile Alliance
Tenarus TaskForce
Australia New Zealand Allied Command (ANZAC)
United Federation of Planets [UFP]
The 12th Fleet
Alpha Fleet
The knights Templar
The British Tactical Squadron
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The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet exceeds the minimum requirements for membership in the proposed UCF, and believes this to be a good way to help Cryptic focus on aspects of STO that affect large blocks of long-term players. We will participate fully and would be happy to join the Lotus Fleet and Phoenix Rising Fleet, and/or any other member Fleets nominated/elected to serve as charter guilds and help organize this effort. I will volunteer to serve as the VKF Point of Contact and representative to the UCF.

If needed, the VKF will provide a separate forum/website for the UCF so that all member Fleets can coordinate their communcations. This would not be a subforum of the VKF, but a UCF-dedicated webspace, and be based on the vBulletin engine (same as what is used at both this STO forum and our own VKF Forum at

The VKF thanks both Lotus and Phoenix Risen Fleets for their instigation of this noble effort.

I can be contacted in-game Keysailor@Keysailor or via email at
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# 3 Thank you
04-09-2010, 07:12 AM
Thank you,

I have added your Fleet to the list and added your contact information to our list.
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# 4
04-09-2010, 09:45 AM
This is a visibility to post to ensure that all parties have the opportunity to review.
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LF Nova,

The Brotherhood of The Risen Phoenix Fleet and Clan supports this monumental undertaking! Lets move forward with this.
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# 6
04-09-2010, 12:54 PM
Thank you my friend,

You of course where already added...
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# 7
04-09-2010, 01:12 PM
Greetings from 3rd Fleet.

It has always been a long standing goal of 3rd fleet to attempt to form and organize a much larger star trek community by offering services and resources to even those not within our fleet for better organization. We're happy to say that we would like to fully support this initiative in any way we can assist and believe that such cooperation could only serve to better the game as a whole.

I believe you will find that 3rd Fleet easily exceeds your standard requirements
  • we provide a teamspeak 3 server which was recently upgraded to a 500 slot capacity to our members.
  • 2 fully hosted and well maintained webspaces at and our hosted simms site where we provide forum hosting to all interested serial roleplays at
  • we are also well over the required active membership your post has layed out

As the VKF before us we would happily offer web hosting, its own domain, forum hosting, TS3 hosting or any other needed services to enhance your efforts to provide this valuable service to the STO community

You can use me as a contact point for all communications regaurding this matter. I can easily be reached by email via

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require any assistance.

Vice Admiral Crystal Dayra
Public Relations Officer
3rd Fleet
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# 8
04-09-2010, 01:27 PM
thank you!

its good to have the 3rd with us in this endeavor.

I have add your Fleet to the list and saved your contact information.
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# 9
04-09-2010, 03:40 PM
The 9th leadership has been informed.
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# 10
04-09-2010, 07:43 PM
visibility post and a huge thank you to all of those Fleets that have already stepped up and offered so much.

I will be coordinating many of those details soon so please standby.

Thank you

Fleet Admiral Nova

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