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# 1 Pvp and mission *****fest
04-09-2010, 06:50 PM
So... I go to team up with some fleet members on the Borg Space War zone... aaaaand I can't get into their instance. A few minutes later my friend remembers that they are now separating ranks in PVP. Thank you, cryptic, for finding another way to suck the fun out of my star trek experience. I guess, instead of playing with my Admiral friends, I have to go do missions now. Oh wait... I can't, when I made Commander you gave me an astonishing 3 (three!) new missions, one of which is STILL bugged. I need to work for you guys, at my job, when you don't fix things, you get fired, sounds real laid back. I guess I will just to the same repeating pvp and instances over and over again(but not with my admiral friends) until I hit Captain, in which case I may get another one or two missions...

Thanks Crytic.

Do they even read the forums?

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