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04-15-2010, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by rpadgett371 View Post
I can mail white items only. I've tried green and such and no dice. So it's a work around that works out nicely for me.
Make sure they aren't bound before trying to mail them.

But its going to be interesting what changes they have. I just hope I don't have to restart crafting for these changes.
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04-23-2010, 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by rpadgett371 View Post
I I haven't found a single item I can take to Memory Alpha; however, it hasn't mattered. Having found Green Items and been rewarded with Some Blue items has made MA irrelevant. Actually don't need their stuff.

I understand there is a revision in the works, which may make it a viable part of the game. Right now, I don't need to gripe any more because MA is just taking up space. They do have a pretty facility, though :-)
I wish I could just go to Memory Alpha, and upgrade my tier 5 items I already posses, by simply supplying a certian amount of scanned stuff. period.
I'd also like to update my ship with improved hull , engine and console slots the same way.

You want to improve the phasers you already have? Bring me five of this, three of that ect.

Or twenty antimatters will get you __ % increase in dps ect...... or an additional engineering or science console. Or Sixty tetryon particles grants you transwarp capabilities or increased speed for a certian amount of uses ect.

Once you increase the properties of your ship, I wish you could trade or sell them back for other enhanced ships. I don't like the idea that ship stats are so stagnant, Starfleet at a time of war, should always have engineers working on improving or "crafting" the abilities of ships to meet this need or another.
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05-06-2010, 01:09 PM
generally come attached with a new ship when you requisition it. You get a Heavy Cruiser and it is auto-equipped with Mk IV phasers and torpedoes...those are the ones that you can then craft.

I'm just getting into the crafting and I kinda like it BUT I'd agree with several the points here. Namely, I don't want to have to craft 4/5 phaser banks at T2 before moving up...I can't use that many beams on a T2 ship so it's pointless. You should be able to specify what items you want to craft, and how you want them enhanced (from a pre-set list of choices/upgrades) and then be told what you have to bring to make it happen.

And T3+ items should be crafted from already crafted items...up-crafting, not from new blank templates. That way, just like your ship and your character, they are custom to you as you grow.

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