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Suppose this is small potatoes compared to what most people are experiencing with archaeologist #20, but I'm hoping that maybe they actually read this feedback forum, because I'm really not looking forward to the next time I play this game. Here are a couple of interface issues that would make these missions a lot more fun. I lost about 3 hours today to this thing and then the server shutting down killed any hope of finishing it so I wouldn't have to deal with it again.

1) Allow you to see the other players in an instance and team with them if they're not standing right next to you. Similarly, show team members, or maybe even anyone on your side on the map, so that you at least know that you're not alone in the instance and how you can group up with them. The fleet actions I've joined have had almost no one in them. I've completed them so far with maybe two other players. Was lucky to get in a full team of 5 near the end of Breaking the Planet.

2) Allow players to beam in to where their teammates are. Once someone dies it is very hard to get the team back together again, you lose one person at a time, until everyone is at some different respawn point with no way to easily get back together or even see where their teammates are.

These two things might make the really high respawn rate of enemies not as big of a problem. Very often a large group of enemies will beam in right behind and kill everyone. You try to clear a path for the respawning teammate to make it to the group, or just get the team from point a to point b, and as soon as you've engaged one large gorup, another just appears. Sometimes the respawns don't wait for the previous group to get killed, and so you have areas that just slowly fill up.

Today, one other guy and I ended up rescuing most all of the archaeologists, slowly working through, because we thought that there was no one else in there. Then we got to the kill 125 Romulans, (The Remans didnt't count!. Why not!? There were three Remans for every Romulan!) It was getting to be about an hour before the servers would go down, we thought that was the last objective, so stuck with it. He had to leave, but then a larger group, around 8 people, the most I've ever seen in a fleet action, joined, although it took us at least 20 minutes to assemble in one place as a group and even then it didn't work. We thought we just might make it to get the 20 shield generators to the artifacts, and we were up to 17 when it went down. Over that last half hour a lot quit in frustration with the infinite enemies and the impossibility of getting from anywhere to anywhere else or not even knowing which artifacts were still left and which groups of infinite enemies we had to try to sprint through. I'm sorry if this is too rambly, but if this stuff has been said before, it needs to be said again. Gah, and I thought Breaking the Planet was frustrating.....

(edit) Maybe when I quicksaved while falling to my death in the original Jedi Knight and had to replay the entire game was worse actually.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
04-12-2010, 12:29 PM
I just wanted to point out some things that may help you, if you're not already aware of them.

Your first complaint was about seeing other people in the instance and being able to invite them, regardless of their distance from you. This is already possible through the social screen (I believe the default key is "O"). The "Search" tab on that screen will display a list of everyone currently in the instance with you. You can select them and click the "Invite" button on that same interface to put them in your group, or send them a tell (also a part of that interface) requesting to join the group.

As for your second complaint, when someone dies and getting back to the group will prove to be difficult, it's generally a good idea for that person to not choose the "respawn" option unless a complete wipe of the group has happened. As long as their body is still laying on the ground, every player has the ability to use their "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation" option on them to revive them. You can even use this ability during a battle, but it can be interrupted so the person doing it has to make sure they're not being fired upon. The person is revived with minimal health but full shielding, and will need to be healed up as quickly as possible.

Lastly, the Remans generally occupy most of the open area around the pyramid. Most of the Romulan groups can be found in the many walkways that line the pyramid slope, and you can generally find the numbers you need there to take care of that particular phase of the mission.
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# 3
04-13-2010, 01:40 AM
The Main problem I find is that I can't find many people around to do the mission. Almost completed it the other night but it was getting late and had to log off (my own fault I know) I can get maybe 2 or 3 people to help out, so it takes ages to do. Maybe when I am not working the following day, I will stay on late and see if there are numbers to help finish this mission.
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04-14-2010, 01:19 PM
This was one of the most frustrating missions for me but also one of the most interesting. Not having any idea where the existing Fed players were when I beamed in (mostly in 'rescue the archaeologists' portion) made it tough, but hooking up with one or two other players to actually get into the pits helped. Eventually we'd run across six or more other players and as a group just mow through the pits. Once the archies were saved, killing Romulans was a wonder to behold - at one point there was over a dozen players, just moving through the pits hardly slowing down while slaughtering any enemies in the way. The real tough part was the generators - half the players didn't understand what to do, and there was a sort of momentum established where the group would simply continue plowing around in the pits eternally, thinking some people still needed to grab a shield generator.

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