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Yes, we all know the Klingons suffer from underpopulation, desertion to Feds, and quitters who hate being the second class faction and give up. But I'm just curious, are fleets out there surviving? Is there a KLINK fleet who does regular infected and cure runs?

I love my fleet, but unfortunately, most of the members have found other games to suit their fancy (I definitely don't blame them).

Putting a PUG together is almost impossible for Infected and definitely impossible for the Cure as a klingon. Not to mention a PUG is not exactly a recipe for success. Sure, I do the dailies and got me my mad purples, but I'd like to do more PVE, and its tough. I've been optimistic about the whole situation, but I only see it getting worse. Not to mention you have to have completed the previous STF to do the next one, so it further limits my options when making a PUG (hard to find 5 klinks who have beat infected and want to do the cure).

Since we both hate the borg, why can't I team up with some Feds for STFs?

Feds hated long PVP ques so they made Fed v Fed PVP. The "que" for end-game PVE for klingons is non-existent, let us team up with the feddies so the few of us klinks can make it. I kinda regret rolling klingon now, but I'm not going to re-roll. Unfortunately, I'd probably just quit before rerolling.. (this is not a quit thread!)

Sorry about the rant, but seriously, any fleets surviving and running endgame stuff often?

Good luck, fellow Klinks.

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04-11-2010, 03:52 AM
As a pureley loyal Human, not having any klingon char at all, i must admit, that every now and then i would like to be able to have a klingon tag along on Infected or The CUre...

... I mean: SInce i cant shoot them anyways, why not have them tag along?
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04-11-2010, 09:50 AM

We run infected and cure daily on our fed side got a few Klingons that try to set up games also but might be short on members there so if you like to join us at least there is a bigger chance of getting a game going now and then

we got about 40 members on kling side (11Ra) and 150 on fed side (60+RA)

we are also negotiating alliances with other fleets for this reason to get more people to choose from when setting up teams for doing missions, pvp etc...

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04-13-2010, 03:21 PM
Are Klingon Fleets really having a problem with membership and organizing activities?

Sto'Vo'Kor and Starfleet Operations run STF groups every weekend - I think there were 3 last weekend and there is 1 Fed and 1 Klingon already planned for this weekend (and they have only been organizing both for a few hours beginning today). I know that on some nights there have been enough folks with enough time to put together a group quickly - on like a Thursday.

I should note, the fleet I am a member (both Fed and Klingon) is still growing with new players, and our RA5 and BG5 ranks are getting rather large with players who have been in the fleet awhile - with at least a couple dozen still in the LCDR/CDR rank (in both fleets) many of whom are new players.

I can't remember the last time I was a PUG in PvP without an option to group. I honestly didn't know there were "many" fleets having big problems, and I don't think it is as widespread as implied by the OP.

More likely, after the initial surge, things are starting to settle down as the organized fleets grow and the inactive fleets die. it happens in every game at about the 2-3 month point after a fast start.

There are still lots of good players without fleets in STO.

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