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Fleet Description
The_____ is a fleet where the good of everybody is the main focus. We accept only mature players who wish to have a good time with other people. While our main goal is to have fun we will be organized so that we can help those in the fleet find their full potential in game.
Mission Statement
The mission statement of the ________ Fleet is to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before. We intend to do this as a Fleet. We will help each other at all cost. We will also assist those who need our help regardless of affiliation.

Leadership – Fleet Admirals, High Ranking Officers
The following is a list of rules for Members
Be Respectful - not only of the Fleet Members, but of everyone that they meet in game.
Willing to help - Help out around the Fleet whenever you can.
Willing to listen - Help Fleet Members with their problems and listen to new ideas.
Communicate - Talk in Fleet chat, communicating the problems and ideas that you've had.
Positive attitude - Members are expected to have a positive attitude in Fleet chat and with the Fleet Members.

Fleet Ranks
Lieutenant Commander
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral
High Ranking Officers have the right to enforce disciplinary action. High Ranking Officers may kick members in extreme circumstances (After discussing it with another High Ranking Officer).

Fleet Admirals
The Fleet Admirals are the administrative officials who will help coordinate all activities. Fleet Admirals may veto any action put in place by High Ranking Officers. They are the only people that can change Fleet schedules.
The Fleet Admirals serve as long as he or she desires, and a successor will be named by the Other Fleet Admirals and high ranking High Ranking Officers (Captain-Admiral) of the Fleet only when the Fleet Admiral has decided to resign.

We recommend that new members read the Fleet Protocols, but it is not required. To join the Fleet Send a message in-game of your Application to one of the fleet High Ranking Officers.
________ Fleet Application
1) What is your in game name, class, and level?

2) What is your age?

3) How did you find out about us?

4) Why do you want to join?

5) How much of your time can you commit to the Fleet?

About your character:

Your Expectations of the Fleet:

Any ideas and suggestions:

It is expected that all members of the Fleet treat each other with respect.
Continuous use of so-called ‘leet-speak’ or foreign languages is not encouraged, try to use (standard) English in the Fleet channel. Bad language is tolerated, but if taken to excess or if members complain about it, the offender will be asked to moderate their language. Continued excessive swearing can ultimately lead to disciplinary action. Also bear in mind that our members come from different backgrounds and all ages’ races and sexes.
If you need help with item trading or other dealings in the guild, feel free to ask an Officer for assistance.
Cooperation is something we pride ourselves on. We do not require the higher level characters to give up too much time to help out the lower level characters; however, help is always appreciated and reciprocated.

Fleet Trading Practices
Items can be made available to the Fleet under terms that the item owner deems fair and can be negotiated between members as they see fit. If necessary an Officer can join in the negotiations on a channel to ensure that things stay fair. If especially rare items are found, members are encouraged to first find a potential recipient/buyer among our own members.
If an item is bought outside the Fleet (Vendor, Exchange) or otherwise has caused the owner a cost it is considered only fair that the Member who receives that item repays the costs to the person making it available.
There is no reason why trading for profit amongst Fleet members cannot happen, just be fair about things with each other. Crafting items which can be made without a cool down should be traded at cost; if the materials are supplied the item will be free. Members are encouraged, but certainly not obligated, to share looted items of relatively modest value (Samples) for free.
If you have become the owner of an item through an in-Fleet exchange this does not give you the right to use it as you wish. If you say you will use an item another Member is about to give you for free then selling it at the Exchange immediately afterwards will be considered a serious breach of Protocol.
Disputes and Arguments between Members
We are all human and we will, at some point, disagree with each other. All arguments should be handled discretely. This means no spamming Fleet Chat with insults, accusations etc. All arguments should be taking to private channels (email, PM's, /w, /p) as soon as possible.
If a problem cannot be resolved please bring it to the attention of the appropriate Fleet Admiral or High Ranking Officers as soon as possible.
Under no circumstances are arguments to be carried on using the Forums. This causes more problems between Members and makes the Fleet look bad. The same rule applies on IRC, Ventrilo or TeamSpeak or any other place where the disagreement can be viewed publicly.
The Fleet Admirals and High Ranking Officers have the final word in any dispute between Members.
We are not a Fleet that wants to police its members. We hope to use this section only rarely, but any breach can be reported to the Fleet Admiral and/or High Ranking Officers who will deal with the matter.
The High Ranking Officers are responsible for deciding how to deal with Members who break Protocol.
High Ranking High Ranking Officers have complete freedom of action and can warn, fine (as reparations, in case of breaches related to money or items), demote or remove Members as they see fit. Immediate removal from the Fleet will only occur in the gravest of circumstances. If possible, the breaches should be discussed by several High Ranking High Ranking Officers And at Least one Fleet Admiral before the more severe measures of demotion or removal are taken.
Breaches by initiates will face a lower level of tolerance than those of full members; they may be removed without consultation if their actions make clear they don’t share the general Fleet spirit.
If problems are related to an item, the class of an item will be taken into account.
The High Ranking High Ranking Officers have the right to use their judgment concerning anything that is not covered in the Fleet Protocols.

Unforeseen Amendments
As before, the Fleet Admirals have the final say. High Ranking Officers are not allowed to deviate from Protocol or enforce rules not explicitly mentioned herein without consulting the Fleet Admirals first, except under extreme circumstances.
The Fleet reserves the right to change these protocols at any time it is deemed necessary to do so. Agreement between the High Ranking Officers and Guild Master is sufficient for such changes.

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