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This is not a joke and i'm fuming mad about it. And nothing absolutely nothing has been done to fix it or even acknowledge that the problem or issue is there! I placed a bug report in game 25 days ago reporting that on and off since the inception of the Seaon One Update that i have not been recieving mission rewards this includes skill points, starfleet merits, and bridge officer skill points. This happens as stated on and off. Sometimes it happens other times not. But when it does happen i am and have felt and still feel that i have been jipped/ripped off of mission rewards that were rightfully earned for doing and completeing the mission that i completed and did but never recieved the mission rewards for. I go to request GM help for it and get a response thank you for your feedback? Damn it this wasn't feedback this is a legitmate issue that i deserved to be spoken with about and have someone at least give me the time of day and say ok we'll look into it. Or that we are already aware of this issue and are seeking to fix the problem. But NO! I get a thank you for your feedback! I don't think so people. Devs or someone please don't ignore this but it's a bug it's an issue and it's something that can't be ingored. Thank you for your time in this matter. If i don't get or see a dev response than i will assume that cryptic doesn't care about responding to customer service issues as well as legitimate bugs and i'll take my business elsewhere. Otherwise don't ignore a gamer who pays a monthly subscription to your game who's trying to point out something that is going on in game and would like something done to fix it.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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04-12-2010, 11:03 AM
Just starting today im not getting any either, no points from all types. Whats going out today???

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