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# 1 Captain looking for a fleet
04-12-2010, 01:17 PM
I'm a Vulcan tactical officer Captain flying an escort, grade 8 so I'm not too far from hitting RA and I'm looking for a Federation fleet to join.

To be honest, STO is the first MMO I've played so this will be the first guild/fleet I will be joining. I don't know all the ropes of how fleets operate, but I am willing to learn. After looking at several of the advertisements on the board and the posting in other looking for fleet threads, I can't exactly find one I like so I figured I'd post what I'm looking for (based on what I've seen) and see what matches up:

I like PvP and PvE equally, so a fleet that does both is what I'm looking for.

I like to RP. I haven't RP'd on STO any so I'm new to that, but I do play on a few text-based Star Trek RPGs (MUSHes, or MU*s for those who've heard of them) so it won't be my first time RPing, just the first time in this medium. However, there are also times that I will want to just play the game without RPing, so I don't want any RP-only fleets.

I also don't want to have to attend any mandatory events. Don't get me wrong - if there's a fleet event going on and I'm online or can be online and am free I will be there. But given my class schedule with schooling, and that I'm in ROTC and the National Guard, there are things that will take priority over playing a game. I have a life outside the game, and I ask that that be appreciated.

And most importantly, I just want to have fun with people who also enjoy the game. I don't want to be in some rigid structured fleet that anything requires an act of congress to happen and their rules are longer than the healthcare bill.

As for scheduling, I'm available most days of the week and weekends. On weekdays, usually in the afternoons around 1pm CST until whenever in the evening I decide to cook dinner or go to sleep (sleep is usually 10pm CST on weeknights). Sorry, most weeknights during the school year I have to be up at 430am so I won't be able to be up into the wee hours of the night. On the weekends I'm available pretty much all day unless I'm out with friends or the Army steals me for the weekend.

And for a few RL details: I live in the central time zone in the USA. Mississippi, if you want a state. I'm 21 years old (22 in less than two weeks). And like I said, I'm in the Army, so as far as fleet events are concerned when I'm in training I won't be able to attend, but I will do my best to attend when I'm free.

And if anyone cares I also have a Klingon engineer character that's Lt. Commander that I log onto occasionally for something different.

Sorry if this got to me a little long, I just wanted to be sure it was clear what I was looking for and fleet recruiters have a good idea of who they're about to try to recruit.

-Sirco@Gladiator143, Commanding Officer of USS Shiloh
...also Koval@Gladiator143
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# 2 New Fleet
04-12-2010, 01:42 PM
I'm looking to start a fleet that will be whatever those that join want it to be. I want to have a smaller squad based feel. I've been in one fleet before and didn't like that it was so hard to meet up with people. I want to get five people together who are wanting to be founders of their own fleet. We won't have any set standards so everyone can have their own ideas to help form the fleet. If your interested just post some basic info on my thread.
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You may want to consider the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. Our recruitment thread is at and our Fleet forum is at

We are medium RP, have Vent for voice chat, have a Fleet bank with items to equip or craft, have a matrix management structure (line and staff), and even a Fleet uniform. Nothing is required of our members except to share info and intel, and team whenever convenient and mutually agreed upon.

We exist to enrich the gameplay experiences of our members. We have a worldwide membership, right now about 25 regular players and another 20 or so who play less often. We've got all ranks, and we team up or down, not just within the same rank. I personally did DS9 (captain mission) as a Lt. Cmdr., and we won - having 4 other live players is much more fun than doing the missions with my BOs (likeable as they are).

Our Fleet always respects RL - always. We're working on Fleet alliances to help make sure that there are always good players available to team with, although I've often found myself online with Fleet-mates from around the world - we all have unique and unconventional playing times.

We have no mandatory events, although we can group together when it works out for interesting things - back in February, we gathered on Vulcan for a virtual 'wake' for a Fleet-mate who had passed away in RL. I think that was pretty unique of an in-game experience for all.

We're not overly about rank, but we have a Vulcan ranking structure for the Fleet that is independent of the STO in-game rankings. We have one Halitra-lan (Admiral) and need only one.

We have a few RAs looking for folks to team with in level cap stuff like Infected and the daily Raids. Quite a few of us are also interested in PvP, and we're getting ready to work out some tactics and strategy, capitalizing on each members' strengths,and buttressing each members' weaknesses with teamwork and coordination.

As a Vulcan, you should consider the logic of aligning yourself with a Vulcan Fleet, although we are not all Vulcans. Our Fleet is composed of Vulcans and other races who prize logic and analysis, intelligence and quick-thinking.

As to the subject line, the VKF is hearkening back to the early days of Vulcan, when our race was much more warlike. In 2409, we are re-embracing the controlled use of emotion as a tool like so many others Vulcans have developed over time. We find in our new selves a kinship with the Spartans of Earth's ancient history, where decisive action, well-laid battle plans, and ferocious action serves us well in the quadrant, as the drumbeat of war rises throughout the STO galaxy.

We fight with honor and purpose. We do not camp, kill steal, grief, or do anything to diminish the enjoyment of STO by any other players, even our honored enemies. Those, we simply dispatch with aplomb and finesse, and yield them a hero's funeral.

Come see if the VKF is your Fleet. We're not large, but are growing, and filled with dedicated officers who want to share resources with you, and team with you.

Regardless of your decision, the VKF wishes you - Live Long and Prosper!
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# 4
04-14-2010, 09:16 AM
Hey Gladiator,

If you are still looking for a Fleet, and are interested in a mature, casual gaming community, check us out at

We are active both in-game and in our forums. We are friendly, respectful to each other and understand that real life comes first.

We do not have any restrictions, commitments, or crazy rules.

If you would like, see for yourself if our home is the right place for you

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