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# 1 Fleet versus Fleet PvP
04-12-2010, 02:42 PM
The League of Extraordinary Captains is putting together a fleet v. fleet PvP competition this week. We would like to get a number of different fleets to participate and have a playoff with an award and or trophy given to the fleet with the most wins. If your fleet is interested in playing against other fleets in a PvP space and ground setting then send me a message (email is at the bottom of the post) and we'll get your fleet set up to begin competing.

The minimum number of players fluctuates between 5 and 10 depending on the size of the map, so at the very least make sure your fleet has 5 players who can compete. The rank for these PvP games will be RA1-RA5, although captain rank PvPs can be set up as well depending on the number of requests we get.

Thanks again and God speed.

Email: or in-game: Emily Kathryn Janeway@Nicholas.Nefarious

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