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I have tried to do this so many times. My group gets the generator down every time but then the Borg queen wipes us in a matter of seconds.

Where should the team be once she spawns? I have read that everyone needs to get to the SW corner and away from the gas at the back of the square. I am just curious how to survive for more than a few seconds here. I know about the blue debuff and not to shoot her when she is blue but... can't survive long enough to do much other than get fire on my mark 3 on her.

I'm a tac officer with grenade satchel (wrong kit?)

Any help would be awesome
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04-14-2010, 02:15 PM
There are a couple of ways to deal with Rebecca Simmons.

First, the person with the blue mark will chain its teammates for ~500 antiproton damage, EVEN IF THEY STAND STILL AND DON FIRE AT HER.

To avoid this, either be 20 meters away from your teammates or out of line of sight of them. You can therefore have 3 players on Rebecca's platform (1 left, 1 center and 1 right), you'll all be out of LOS of each others. The other 2 can stand pretty much anywhere, but your science officer should stand on the middle platform, at 21-29 meters from everyone so he can heal everyone. Of course, everyone should use Hypos to help him/her out. That leaves one team member, who can stand either by the entrance's ramp (watch out for the plasma leak there!) or on the platform in the back of the room where borgs spawn.

During the fight, borgs will spawn, and you will have to take them down unless you have 2+ healers. For this, I suggest the 2 players standing on the right and left of rebeccas platform jump down to the 2 corner platforms to knockback the borgs that will spawn there, and then go back up. That shouldn't put them at less than 20 meters from everyone. The healer in the center doesn't have the option of knocking their borgs into the plasma, so he/she will probablly have to tank them with Shield Charges / Hypos and Nanites. The 5th party member can either ignore borgs altogether and focus on rebecca, or help out the science officer by killing the center borgs.

I hope this helps!
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04-14-2010, 03:58 PM
Thanks for the info... I guess Ill keep trying!
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04-15-2010, 02:58 AM
we do ti slighlty differently, presuming you have the standard setup (groupwise atleast 1 medic and 4 others) we split them out completly (we have the damage to cover this though)

the medic stays in the middle and the rest of us take up base at each of the generator platforms. As we have 2 engineers at the very least per run we setup turrets and drones on generator 1 and 4 (the ones closest to where the boss spawns) and the other two setup base on the other side (2 and 3). after that we just blast it and hypo up when needed.

Also a little tip for your engineers, let them use covershield behind the turrets. If you get that shiney circle debuff you can hide behind the covershield whitout damaging your turrets and drones.

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