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# 1 High LvL Missions
04-14-2010, 03:16 PM
So far, as an STO player on both Fed and Klingon sides, I'm probably unlike most players. I think the "mostly PvP" for Klingons is a good idea. They are, after all, an aggressive race. I hear players on a daily basis complain about content, end game, high lvl items, crafting, bugs... and tyhe list goes on and on. For the most part, I am very satisfied with my STO purchase and have NO regrets replacing WoW.

The ONLY thing that mainly bothers me, are the time lengths for the higher RA5 lvl missions. Having a personal side job (mainly called "a life")... Along with a job, a wife, 4 kids (yes... 4), and 98 acres of property to maintain.

I haven't the time to do missions that can take 3-8 hours! that is just rediculous. I'm sure tons of other ppl are the same way, just maybe not with as many kids!

We need more shorter missions that can be solo'd and completed in <1 hour.

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