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I assume you have already the incomprehensible power to create a klingon toon, you didn't fail to find the klingon high council and you already know where ganalda station is and what you can do there. What follows now is the second step, barely beyond the cognitive achievement of breathing without having to think about it, but still way beyond finding the hiding place of Admiral Sulu. So... Starfleet spies, if you read this, it won't help you, it only works if you actually stop standing in the dressing room, staring at your pretty reflection in the mirror - and we all know that won't happen anytime soon.

#1) The first half of the IWIN Button: Team up.

I mean it. This *should* be a no brainer.

Right click any ally in a match, select the menu point 'request to join team'. If there is no team present create one and invite the others, since most Klingons have never found out about this 'request' trick - they obviously have leveled to brigadier general in the kahless expanse. If they fail to team up or don't accept team invites at all, they are politely asking for a lot of flames, so please do so. Do not limit your expressions to socially acceptable insults.

In case you don't realize what the advantages are, go back to a) "Basic KDF" or b) right back to Starfleet.
But since you're probably a starfleet spy anyway, i'll elaborate:

The healers can not only see your shield and health status with a single glimpse, they can also see the distance you are away. That is especially important for the most powerful ability in the game, since extend shields only has a 5km range.
This is also good for you, when you're getting spanked, getting closer to your friendly neighborhood cruiser might be a smart idea. Battlecruisers, that is, as far as I know, starfleet doesn't have access to this ability or at least warp plasma/aceton field takes precedence (lol)

The second real big advantage is the remarkable ability to converse with what we call 'team chat'. With that we can actually communicate without you feds knowing which target we are going to focus on. Real neat, huh?

And if you're already teamed with your fiance or your best buddy ever - guess what - you can still invite some others or still dissolve and join another team, just for the match and team again later for whatever private things I don't care about you want to do in your team. Just for the match, TEAM UP FFS. Can't be that hard, can it?

#2) The second half of the IWIN button: Make a macro

/bind ALT team Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, please be so kind and do focus your fire on $target
This will bind a macro to your ALT key what you will communicate in the team channel while $target will be what is your current target. Be aware that there are two seperate control schemes, one for ground and one for space. So you have to be in your space ship to make this macro work. Of course you can exchange the text, i'd recommend to keep it short so it won't overflow on the chat window of those who play STO on their 16'' Monitors.

Voilà, your ALT key is now your personal IWIN button which really works!™

Feds, have fun getting your buddies to team so you can use this IWIN. If your PUGs manage to do this, there would be less whining about the perceived superiority of the Klingon ships... because it's a teamplay issue after all.
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# 2
04-14-2010, 06:15 PM
#3) Officer abilities overview and opinions. Since I'm an engineer, it's heavily biased.
Know them, try to understand what is being used against you and what counters it.

  • Beam fire at will
    Sucks. Don't use. Mines do too little damage to take down, tricobalts will almost always be hidden in large clouds of chaff mines and generally your chicken brained bridge officer will target the wrong things anyway. This is not even useful for feds who call their pve target practice 'combat'.

  • Beam Overload BO
    Use. Version 3 is especially deadly, even if you have only cannons on your raptor, grab a dual beam and this. Hulls will rupture and faces will melt. Part of the insane damage scheme. Can also be used as a brute force approach to shield removal.
    I personally use this on my battle cruiser on cooldown, because i have enough power to waste it (see EmPW) and to make them little escorts afraid - they hate it if the first thing that happens to them is a front shield failure. Prepare early and decloak for the first strike when it's about to cycle so you can use it again in a few seconds.

  • Tac Team
    Depends - useful for replenishing your waning crew who hurt their head when you take kinetic damage or removing tactical debuffs.
    I usually don't use it since it interferes with sci team which you positively need because of those nice sci powers and the insane shield heal.

  • Torpedo High Yield HY
    Boom. Part of the insane damage scheme going on at the moment. If you fly raptor, you can't go wrong with quantums and this.

  • Torpedo Spread
    Clear mines? Hellyeah, see above. I usually fly into mines, just to show the feds how useless they are. Honestly, Kinetic AoE damage? you don't have more than one target with low shields, certainly not when you focus your damage like you should.
    There could be uses for feds, trying to kill a battlecloaking BoP - but usually the torpedos are too slow to reliably hit anything beyond short range

  • Attack Pattern Beta APB
    Your team does more damage to the target? For great justice, since you now work as a team - perfect.

  • Attack Pattern Delta
    You get Extend Shields all the time? Time to give something, too: Put on the focus target, enjoy.

  • Beam Target Subystem X
    Part of the insane damage scheme - this reduces your current weapon/shields/engine/aux power a certain amount, stacking 'sensor' type sci consoles improves it (afaik). If your shields drop to zero, all your shields drop. No, engineering team won't 'repair' it, tac team does, since it's a tactical debuff.
    So, if you instantly explode, someone probably dropped your shields that way and followed it up with an insta gib volley of hy quantum torpedos. Either increase shield power before entering the next fight or prepare to pop a shield battery/EmPS. This tactic is pretty much cheap ass, totally out of balance, especially when two or more coordinate it - you die within milliseconds if the torpedo volley is timed well.
    Beware, your shield power setting has nothing to do with the actual shield health - so RSP won't save you, nor will extend shields.
    There is a bug with this ability, either intentional or simply buggy - you can't increase shield power to compensate or your shields won't come up again at all.
    Untill then, it's just too easy and if it's too easy, it's an exploit, especially considering it bugs and doesn't behave correctly one out of two times.
    Since it is utterly gamebreaking, i cannot believe it is intentional. I just hope cryptic fixes this soon, so that you can survive without shields for more than a mere blink of an eye. And I hope they fix me not being able to simply increase shield power to counter the effect reliably.
    Ah, and if you are a real ******, you can also stack different ranks of this ability and call it skill while all you do is exploit cryptics fail at basic game balance. So, at least be honest about it and don't call it skill.
    It's not forbidden as far as I know, we can only hope for a patch.

    Beam target engines is probably great against low engine power users (probably sci ships), unmoving targets do receive extra crit damage.
    Beam target auxiliary is probably great against FBP lameness, since it decreases the damage it does. But since a simple battery counters...
    Beam target weapons... the enemy does less damage, maybe you could disable someone using low weapon power (torpedo lovers, since they don't need weapon power for their damage), or escorts without enough EPS consoles and huge power drains.
    Use and report back.

  • Cannon Rapid Fire
    Insane Damage Scheme. Use twice for near constant rapid fire. Don't know how good it is after the EPS nerf. If your power drain is too high, get rid of the turrets. Yes, turrets do shoot faster, too, they count as cannons.

  • Dispersal Pattern Alpha & Beta
    Honestly, no clue. I usually fly into mines to show the feds how useless they are. Once in a blue moon some suddenly do some damage, probably skilled and patterned. I don't use mines, so your mileage may vary.

    Arizhel likes to add:
    Increases amount of Mines for 1 Drop

  • Attack Pattern Omega APO
    Also part of the insane damage scheme, increases damage done.
    Helps against VM, so, probably good.
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# 3
04-14-2010, 06:16 PM
  • Auxiliary to Battery
    This skill has some kind of strange behavior - you increase your aux power, klick, and you'll get a battery. but since it has different power levels (and endurance before it dissipates), you always have to grab it out of your skill tab - annoying.
    The cooldown is too long to make it worthwhile and it is on the same timer as the expendable devices. Although it is a nice energy damage boost - and you can give it to someone else. Probably nice for some non-engineer (no EPS skill) who is flying an energy weapon heavy cruiser.

  • Auxiliary to Dampeners
    The seat belt refit. Since the hull melting is nowadays counted in milliseconds and no longer in seconds, it's worthless already, not considering the fact that you need high aux to make it worthwhile. And who has high aux and engineering slots to waste?
    Wait for patch.

  • Auxiliary to structural integrity field
    Heal and Hull damage resistance. Even at full aux and 50%.... you die in 2 milliseconds if your shields are down, so not much of an improvement there. The heal is nice though, but engineering team is just so much better with the subsystem repair and the ability to heal others. Switching power levels to increase aux works on a cruiser reasonably well, so you *could* make it work if you already have low shields and expect some more focus fire.

  • Boarding Party
    Decoy, to clutter up the enemies targeting. Since it's three shuttles (i believe), it takes half a second longer to shoot them down IF you choose to do so.
    Drop this crap and get extend shields. Now. If you insist of making this work, there are two ways to use them. Decoy at medium range or actually hit them with it at short range.

  • Direct Energy Modulation DEM
    I'd love to make this skill work, but it seems i can't. I use lots of energy weapons and would like to give someone who has only a few percent hull left and pops RSP a coup de grace with it. Compared to powerful skills like RSP/FBP or anything, DEM is severely lacking, even compared to the other weak engineering skills.
    I can't train rank 3 for some cryptic reason, others can. Please report.

    Stealthrider likes to add:
    This skill is very misunderstood as its mechanics aren't very clear. First, its purported damage is only one fourth of what each Beam array will actually deal, as each array fires four attacks per normal cycle. This damage scales with both power level and %damage buffs, so its far stronger than it appears. Second, the -15% damage debuff is manipulatable if you understand how Beam damage and range work. At longer ranges, beams deal up to 40% less damage than they otherwise would, but this "debuff" is applied before others are. So, a 15% debuff at 10km is less of a penalty than at 3km (where damage is 100% of its potential). To make most effective use of DEM then, the player would need to stay at the limit of weapons range.

    Obviously this is all much more complicated than what the skill says it does, but sadly it still is only rarely worthwhile. For greatest effectiveness, the player would need capped weapon power and damage buffs and be firing for the duration at a target 10km away that happens to have RSP up. To make matters worse, nothing I've found indicates that DEM II or III is any better than DEM I (and yes, after a recent patch DEM III is trainable now). It *can* be exactly what an alpha strike would need to finish someone off through RSP, but its so conditional there's really no point to even considering it right now.

    Though there's not a whole lot better to choose from (unless you really feel like stacking RSPs).

  • Engineering Team:
    Weak, compared to Hazard Emitters, but instant. I can't count the times i've full impulsed to a teammate (see above!) in need, threw engineering team to save him from certain doom at 10km, skidding closer, popping a shield battery and extending his shields. Great justice indeed.
    I also like it for the repair subsystem ability, just that it won't work against target subsystem shields is... *sigh*.
    All HoT vs. instant heal Arguments apply, the other commonly used hull healing ability is Hazard Emitters, a sci ability. In the end it's probably about what kind of slots are available.

  • Emergency Power to X
    Self explanatory, to use this stuff you actually have to know what increasing which power does. See below, power management. I have a beam heavy loadout and use two EmPW, just to keep my damage high. My beams consistently chew for 1000 to 1400 on hull per hit.
    EmPE is good for raptors/BoPs, speed means life for you squishies. EmPA is good if you use aux powers like Feedback Pulse, but then you lack skill anyway. EmPS is good synergy with extend shields, since the amount of shield you heal is dependent on your shield power setting.
    Watch out for the added benefits, EmPS reduces shield damage taken, too, for example.

  • Reverse Shield Polarity RSP
    Chaining this indefinitely makes you little better than the current sci parody going on, with VM/SNB, FBP hitting for 50k, insta gibs and the other balance stuff where cryptic failed utterly. Will be nerfed, and beware, if you extend shields, you can't use RSP for some time - Which is incidentally the way to kill the annoying healers, should one of the feds do so unexpectedly. Just switch targets if you can't bleed through, follow the line.
    So, if you happen to 1 on 1 someone who pops RSP, just stop shooting him. Hint: he glows green then. Just wait it out, fly away, make a coffee - if you won't shoot him, his shield health won't increase.

  • Aceton Field
    Lowers energy weapon damage by 50%. If you already have two RSP and one Extend Shields, go for it. It's quite annoying... but no more than that. Weak, as most engineer abilities apart from the two good ones. Hazard Emitters counters and that skill is quite common. It's nice to dull the edge of an onslaught, tho.

  • Eject Warp Plasma
    Weaker than usual. Since I like to melt some poor escorts shields and then charge him, impaling him right through the fedball, adding some AoE damage to it could be nice, that's also one thing where I would consider mines. Most probably play style, but since you get so much better abilities than Warp Plasma...
    To actively hit someone with it, you need to ram him - and when you do so, you also could use ramming speed. People are rarely stupid enough to fly into the green cloud on their own free will, so any other use is wasted, apart from harassing the odd bearhugging escort - who will die anyway, because they're too slow for their own good.
    To make it worthwhile without the ramming, cryptic would need to increase the AoE by a factor of three or more.
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# 4
04-14-2010, 06:17 PM
SCIENCE BO Mostly from the receiving end...
  • Hazard Emitters
    Hull HoT, removes plasma & radiation dots. 5km Range. Indifferent, widely used. Since i have so few sci and so many engineering slots, I stay with engineering team. For a carrier it's probably vice versa.
    All the classic HoT vs. instant heal arguments apply.

  • Jam Sensors.
    Every ugly escort captain and his even uglier brother tries this on me. No, it doesn't work any more, not since tier 2 - science team counters this ability. Which is a good time to use VM, just when the enemy has wasted his team. Alternative: Pop RSP, make a coffee, melt someone elses face or just ignore untill the debuff is gone.
    A very basic tactic for happy people is the use of jam sensors to lure their target to use sci team and then VM them while their only counter is on a cooldown. Always be aware of the possibility, if you have some other viable target and don't receive damage along with the jam, it's quite possible that it was just a sci failing at trying to be funny. At least, don't fall for it twice in a row.

  • Scramble Sensors
    Jam Sensors dumb brother, you can now target friendlies. Just watch so that you don't space bar mash with your forehead - or at least look up once in a while and make sure that it says 'USS' and not 'IKS'. Your teammates are still colored differently, so it's actually a no brainer.
    On the light side, I once blew up a BoP with a single broadside. He wasn't teamed, his fault, but my stupidity.

  • Mask Energy Signature MES
    If you see a fed at 20km without shields, he is using this ability. It removes his shields. That's about it.
    Please do him the favor and act surprised if he actually attacks you, so he keeps wasting his BO slots.
    Since this ability needs a serious buff, I wouldn't be surprised if it works better in a few patches. At the moment, it's.. well, on par with the average fed PUG skill level.

  • Science Team
    Heals Shields, removes the most annoying debuffs in the game and adds shield resistance, skilled and consoled at around 50%.
    Just which word of 'game balance' is so complicated to fail so utterly? Not that sci has the most annoying abilities, you also need another sci ability to stand a chance against all that crap flying around.
    As you guessed, it's pretty indispensable, I used to run two sci teams, cooldown issues made me pick up photonic officer which I greatly enjoy.
    Ah, 10km range, too. And the most annoying debuff, VM, only gets removed sporadically.

  • Polarize Hull
    Hull damage resist? Who cares? Tractor beam Immunity/Break? You can break tractor with sci team, too, as far as I remember (reportedly not, please check, maybe it's only a chance as with VM). Could be useful for Raptors who lose their front shield facing right away and are afraid to be frozen pants down. Or for that ramming speed you don't want interrupted, but that is once again too much finesse for a standard PUG.

  • Tachyon Beam
    No clue, reported to be subpar.

  • Charged Particle Burst
    I don't battlecloak. And it does damage? really?

  • Photonic Officer
    Click to reduce CD - I really like it, good in really long battles. If everything is on cooldown and you don't know what to click.. here it is. It even reduces his own long cooldown. Saved my ass quite a few times.

  • Viral Matrix VM
    Every Starfleet Sci ship carries two versions of this ability, at least if they're happy people. The unhappy ones are those on the receiving end who don't have sci team ready or APO running. Cryptic, in their infinite wisdom, made it so that you could combine it with SNB (Nubsuckleonic Beam) and even give the all powerful sci team only a chance to remove. If you're unlucky, you'll get to wait 30 seconds in a stun.
    Raptors can flee, cruisers can die. Increase shield power and balance as if your life depends on it, maybe they fail to focus you down.
    It's a blue haze, and yes, you can rescue a teammate with sci team. Yes, do so, even if you only have one, just pray you don't need it yourself - or hope for your team.
    Extending shields also works, he can't act, but he usually won't die.
    Making a macro as above with: "HALP, I HAZ BEEN VM'MED, SCI TEAM PLX" can help, too.

  • Feedbackpulse FBP
    Damage straight to hull? Up to 400% of the incoming damage? WTF? Instagibbing yourself with BO? I tried it with my carrier once. Damn, I even felt lame myself - i was hitting for 4k per pulse. Impressive amounts of hull damage, insane lack of skill. Cryptic said they want to fix it, so it also works on cannons, lower the damage and make half of it go into the shields.
    A 'deterrent' mechanic is hard to implement, either people ignore it or they get instantly blown out of the sky. To make it better, i would 'ramp' the damage, starting low and increasing the way up, so people have a second to actually stop shooting, but then, what do I know about fun and balance.

  • Gravity Well
  • Tykens Rift
    Are those the pretty abilities which look like a hole in space? I ignore them and they seem to ignore me. Can't really say. Tykens reduces power levels - no problem for me. I would like some advice to add here, so if you have, post below.
    Reportedly they can both be pushed away using tractor repulsors. But i wouldn't grab that ability just to counter Gravity Well or Tykens Rift.
    Arizhel likes to add:
    The Energy Drain from Tyrkens Rift is significant if you dont have 1-2 EPS Consoles but only for a short time. The more annoying thing with those two Skills is ,if you get hit by them you are tractored back towards their centre ...even if the Skill already expired. Got several weeks back 2 science ships using multiple copies of these on me 2 at the same time always ...even though i managed to kill both i couldnt move away after that even full impulse didnt work and they seemed to know about it as they where full impulsing back dropping a sensor scan at that location to reveal me trying to move against the already expired Skills.
  • Energy Siphon
    A blue line, decreasing the enemy power levels by a small amount and increasing yours. If I had sci slots to waste, i'd take it.
    Also good for the added energy drain on the enemies systems, think Beam Target Subsystems...

  • Tractor Beam
    Stop someone if he has his wounded flank showing and wants to run away, set someone up to not miss your ramming speed (if you need that help, i'd propose some exercise - I routinely ram escorts with the cruiser). Also good to prevent fleeing or stopping a ramming speed dead in its tracks.

  • Tractor Beam Repulsors
    Fun to use when the fedball swirls around you or someone is about to charge. No real effect, tho. Break them up, I suppose, increase the distance between the victim and the healer (5km for extend, remember)? Probably too tactical for not being in a premade. Can also give you some breathing room as a carrier or just room to flee. Cannons also do less damage from a range, but giving the pesky little escorts more time to line you up in their frontal cannon arc isn't the best idea.
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04-14-2010, 06:18 PM
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04-14-2010, 06:18 PM
#4) Basic Tactics:
  • Join the Arena. Team up. Cloak, get into sight distance of the feds curling up at their gate and assess their strength. If it's only escorts, there will be truckloads of damage, if it's only cruisers, they soak a lot, if it's sci ships, expect VM/FBP happiness galore

  • The rank usually sucks as an indicator for anything - i've topped the charts easily with LC1 rank in the respective tier - but this is just not true for the Brigadier General tier. Those who ain't Rear Admiral 5 don't have access to a complete set of reasonable quality gear, especially escorts seem to go down very quickly.

  • Stay close. Can't be stressed enough. Yes, even when you are a carrier, try to stay with your team, just like the rest who should try to stick with you. Don't act like a Fed and let yourself be pulled out of the safety of the herd, just to be pounced on without a chance of survival. If someone is fleeing, try to finish him of. If you can't, retreat to the others and focus on someone else.

  • Simple kill order: Escorts. Long nothing. Everything else.
    Keep your eyes open for incoming respawn, escorts die like fleas but are quick to come back. Don't try to chew through the half dead cruiser you kept pounding on for the last 5 minutes - it will take another 5 minutes to finish him of. So just switch to the escorts the very second he is in range, turn its contents into freeze dried popsicle and continue on the cruiser until the next escort rushes to it's execution.

  • Complex kill order: Feint an attack at an escort, kill the one extending him, switch back to escort. Why? Explained above, you can't use RSP for a while when you just extended shields, both uses the shield subsystem. Smart engineers survive with rotate shield frequency and other self buffs.
    A bit more advanced tactic is to BTSS the one extending, so his heal is low and the victim still blows up - but since BTSS is rather used to disable shields completely, there is actually no need for such finesse.

  • Let the Tank start. Sounds simple, but why decloak in a squishy BoP right in front of a Fedball? For real, let the tank do it. And have the tank pierce the Fedball, so every Fed turns around after him untill they realize they won't survive trying to kill someone with RSP running while a few Raptors and BoPs gnaw on their own shields

  • Attack from the sides or the rear. Escorts will turn quickly enough, the slow cruisers won't. Make the enemy blow up quick, at all cost: 5 vs 4 works way better than 5 vs 5 and do not underestimate the demoralizing power of an alpha strike. I love nothing more than to ram a puny little escort and leave the rest of the feds run around like headless chickens.

  • Switch when someone uses RSP - just don't heal his shields. Burning someone down with bleed through works with escorts who don't use resilient shields - everything else is wasted time.
    Same goes for feedback pulse: If he is low on shields, just kill him, watch for your hull, though. If he pops it early, just switch, especially if he does lots of damage with the ability. I've seen escorts fbp do lots of damage, so watch out until cryptic finally balances this skill.

  • Ignore tough ones, go for the squishies. Just remember their names and pick on the easier ones first. Same goes for the dangerous ones, just vice versa. If there is an escort exploiting the insane damage scheme or the target subsystem bug, focus him down the very second he is in range - he can lose you the match single handedly.

  • Listen to the one calling the targets. Agree to listen to one and stick to it, especially if you don't know better, even if the one contradicts himself or wants you to switch targets so often.
    Leave a cruiser or carrier to call the targets, they usually have more time to do so and a better overview on what is happening, Raptors need to concentrate on their speed and firing arcs.

    If some wild target switching is going on, probably someone is using RSP or an escort just joined the fray which then got extended and so on, there are probably REASONS behind it. If the one you listen to did well the game before, chances are he knows what he is doing.
    On the other hand, don't disengage your brain - if the enemy is using FBP, don't kill yourself if you can prevent it.
    I usually call targets once for normal focussing, twice for urgent targeting and a lot of times to flame you for failing to follow the priority target order.
    If i call target on a teammate, it says as much as 'assist him', that usually happens when someone is to far away so I can only see his health go down and not the enemies attacking him. Which is incidentally another advantage of being teamed.
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04-14-2010, 06:19 PM
#5) Sample Loadouts:
  • BoP-Bombergirl

    Fore Weapons: 3x DHC of the same damage type
    One torpedo
    Rear Weapons: 2x Beam Array of the chosen damage type

    3x EPS
    2x +hazard emitters
    3x +dmgtype

    BO abilities:
    Hazard emitters 1&2
    Science Team 1, Polarize hull 2
    Science Team 1, Energy siphon 1&2
    HY1, RF1, APB2, APO2

    Comment: "Basicly your just setup to tank and shoot the enemy and to maximize forward dps, since you can't use turrets anymore.."

  • Battlecruiser-Rattlesnake

    Fore Weapons: 4x Beam Array of the same damage type
    Rear Weapons: 4x Beam Array of the same damage type

    4x EPS
    1x +deflector field (improves Sci Team), 1x biofunction monitor
    2x +dmgtype

    BO abilities:
    BO1, APB1
    Engineering team1, EPtW2, EPtW3, RSP3
    Engineering team1, RSP1, Extend Shields2
    Sci Team, Photonic Officer1

    Comment: "RSP3 or 1, it doesn't really matter if you are now invulnerable or even more invulnerable, so I'll probably change it soon, probably going for more powerful engineering teams. I like the [turn]x2 Engines for the exploration badges a lot, same goes for the [cap]x3 resilient shields. Resilient is better in all cases unless you have hazard emitters running all the time to compensate for the bleedthrough, which is only viable on a carrier or a sci heavy BoP.
    This is a mix of all things good, you can tank even in the insane damage enviroment, after RSP, RSF, RSP most feds loose interest and go for easier targets, allowing the abilities to recover untill the next time they try to kill me when they realize that I also extend shields. The engineer ability RSF (rotate shield frequency) is a real life saver when extending and getting focussed for it, although it severely lacks power at the BG tier otherwise.
    I stack EPS, EMPtW and tetryon beam arrays, my broadsides are quite devastating, i'm not so happy about APB, i'll probably go for tac team1 and BO2, or change the console/deflector layout to +sensors and go for BTSE2.
    BTSX and BO doesn't really work together, because of cooldown issues."
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04-14-2010, 06:33 PM
#6) Finally some random thoughts:

A word on power allocation. Full impulse charges are dumb, unless you pop a weapon battery to compensate stupidity.
If you keep a close watch on your power levels, you occasionally see levels below the value where they should be - this could either be normal weapon drain or some smart ass used target subsystem on you, which is quite likely. If your shield power is now low so that one more subsystem shields will kill it, I'd increase shield power as a precaution - and pray it works, since the power setting used to freeze there for me quite a few times. Battery time.

A word on Shields: Since shield power is king, get those with high capacity. If there are lots of abilities to keep shields up, like repeatedly being on the receiving end of an extend shields or having one or two RSP - grab the resilient one. Your healer may have time for his extend, but he really wouldn't want to waste another power on you, so keep your hull up yourself. And there can be quite some bleedthrough.

Balance Shields. Either through the ability and a button or by clicking on the respective shield or to balance, in the middle field. If you die with only one facing down and the others untouched, you're dumb (or its the insane damage scheme going on). As far as I know, deflectors help with shield power distribution, someone please confirm.

Damage done and healing done is, by the way, only HULL damage and HULL healing. No, you won't show up as the one with the biggest epeen if you kill shields and heal the shields of your teammates.

Consoles: Tactical, it's easy: Choose one Weapon Type (SKILL IT, 54% MOAR DAMAGE = GUD!) and stack consoles.
Sci: Stack for your prefered Sci ability. If you have lots of crew and no tac team, the biofunction monitor is also ok
Eng: EPS. EPS. EPS. The fourth EPS is if you are really beam heavy like I am, you could also get some resists or whatever you like. +6 weapon power is great, but i'd rather do a tiny bit less damage and not have the weapon drain, on the other hand i also run two EmPW.

The game is positively broken at the moment, BTSS and the insane damage scheme would break it more than even the nubsuckleonic beam, VM and FBP together if the knowledge how to do so would be more common: Instagib fragfest.
Another route, omitting BOIII and BTOS is reportedly along the line of
rapid fire + alpha + beta +omega + fire on my mark + go down fighting + tac team
Honestly, I can't see why cryptic would fail to playtest even such basic ability stacking

I just hope for a patch where there will be some kind of viable hull tanking, at the very moment if your shields are gone, you're gone, too. And shields wither quickly under focus fire unless you pop RSP quickly.

Ah, before i forget: Do congratulate feds to a great game, especially when all they did was suicide rush to their death, one by one. We, after all, want them to keep loosing.

Rattlesnake, BG5 Engineer

PS: Please point out errors and spelling mistakes.
PPS: If you're on my ignore list, i'm sorry, but it can't be helped. Most probably you have an insulting/retarded name/ship name or you were discussing retarded things in the zone chat.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 9
04-15-2010, 05:41 AM
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 10
04-15-2010, 07:10 AM
Regarding Tykens/Gravity Well

Its a worthless skill imo and hardly does anything good. Like MES its something i hope players will continue to use as to waste a good BO.

Since both these skills cause an anomaly to appear, it can be tractor repulsed away cause its an object in space. So no more worries about getting power levels drained.

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