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05-03-2010, 08:11 AM
other than the two extra character slots, did you notice that all the c-store stuff is for hardcore trek nerds only?
all the content is comprised into the subscription, you're not going to pay for missions, weapons, ships, but only a bunch of skins and stuff.
i could second you on the new races, most of all on ferengi and fed klingons, but... tellarites? oh my god pakleds?
wait for them to make us pay for hirogens, cardies, dominion, and then i'll shout with you. meanwhile, they're just selling useless crap, you can happily live without it.
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05-03-2010, 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by Koffeeuk
just Because that is how it is, doesnt mean it is right. if the subscription is unable to provide a profit then why even charge it?

seems to me, being asked to pay a subscription, then asked to pay for more items is wrong.
More so because it is our subscription that paid for the content to begin with.

and before anyone shoots me down saying "subscription doesn't pay for that" your wrong. if they didn't have money coming in from subscriptions then we wouldn't have any devs.

We are simply being asked to pay for stuff twice. and the sooner the grey law area regarding MMO's and price plans are looked into the better. (under investigation under EU law, not just MMO's but customer rights/expectations when dealing with companys online)

we allrdy get shafted on our rights has customers, (no customer servce, No live customer service, Stupid copy and paste replys, no abilty to appeal agaist measures taken ) i could go on and on about our rights has customers. but then again most people reading this seem to be sheep who just jump when told to.
First off, almost everything in the C-Store is fluff. Everything short of the char slot/respec/rename options is purely cosmetic and IMO Trek-nerd only. We are not losing any functionality that we have to pay extra for. People can live without the extra bridges, without the ship skins, and without the new pay-to-play races. Plus, there's nobody forcing you to buy them. I bought almost everything that was available during the tax-day sale and I don't regret any of it. Of course, I already had enough free CP to get most of it, anyway. BTW, Cryptic's NOT the only one doing this. Blizzard has a sub fee and also has a MT store. Not sure about any other company, but that's the other example that comes to mind.

On the topic of customer service, I work in that field. Cut-and-paste responses help to get through support requests quicker. Besides, how big do you think their CS department is? Do you have any numbers? It could be only one or two people or it could be a couple dozen. It's possible that they CAN'T get through everything in a single day. God knows I have some days that it takes forever to get through e-mail and phone call correspondences.

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