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# 1 144th BlackOps Squadron
04-15-2010, 01:04 PM
The 144th BlackOps Squadron is looking for mature, relaxed, open minded, free-thinking people. We will only accept your Fed character. We will also favor European players, since that's where most of us are, but we wont reject you based on your geographical location, we already have a couple of NA members, so bring your friends, make new ones, you are more than welcome.

Our main focus is PvE, Raids (STF's Fleet Actions), etc..., PvP will always be casual. You can count with our help and support whenever you need, but we don't believe in handouts, we rather teach you how to fish than feed you.

Remember a game is just that, a game, have that in mind if you are considering joining us, we aim to have fun and relax.

For more information and or joining visit our forums/site at or contact us in game.

In-game contacts:



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