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Concept: What would we have been like if our ages we're all the same and we found ourselves in highschool together.

Take any role you want, be the nerd, jock, cheerleader, preppy student council guy, weirdo, or whatever else. Also pick your grade. I will act as the GM so to speak. Meaning I will come with a cast of teachers and guidance counsellors and tell you when class begins. Assume that we always end up the same classes together.

If you want to engage in the story, use this format for your posts.

Describe your actions with Italics.

Use "Quotations for when you speak".

I will use bold to describe scene changes, or other events.

The Faculty and other NPC's (So far):

Principal **** Caveat - He's always very warm and kind to the students. (Openly that is)
Vice Principal Roger Hunter - The bad cop to Caveats good cop.
Mr. Bob Beeforkson - Home room and Algebra Teacher. Former amateur wrestler and possibly the worst algebra teacher ever.
Mr. Henriech Krapp - Nobody knows why he teaches english except for the faculty. Despite his accent he does actually understand the subject and can teach it, if you can understand him.
Mr. Dreypus - Band teacher. Complete rip off of Mr. Holland and Richard Dreyfus. One of the nicer teachers at school though.
CSM. Hartnell - He's in charge of the ROTC. Ever seen the movie "Full Metal Jacket". I have, and even if the military isn't that tough on its Cadets in RL, he isn't gonna give a good god damn!
Ms. Bulldowser - Stereotypical girls phys ed teacher.

Other Students:
Everett Benoko: A senior and star quarterback for the Psycho Cookies. TF highs football team.
Darlene Howe: Soon to be cheerleader and current grade 11 representative for the SRC.

I'm going for a RL portrayal of myself in grade 11. I always wear a long black duster, my hair is sprayed into permanent wind resistant wavy shape and I wear contacts no matter how much they might hurt my eyes. (I got an old pic I will post should this thread capture peoples interests) I try to act cool and aloof but am constantly seeking approval. (Jeez...I still do that.) Here goes...

It is 15 minutes before the first day of classes for this school year. Corban drives a beat up 1977 silver with grey patches Toyata Corolla into the parking lot, leaving a cloud of blue smoke in its wake. He steps out with his back pack and leans against his car lighting up a smoke. His part time job at BK gives him the smoke & gas money he needs. He acts like he does't really notice anyone, but an observer would notice that he keeps the good looking girls in his peripheral vision while occasionally stealling glances at them with his eyes.
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04-16-2010, 01:24 PM
I'm interested, but I will have to think about this.
High School was heinous, but I could possibly impart a lot of wisdom now versus then.
And I bet I could totally get a prom date.

Let me play around with this.
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04-16-2010, 01:26 PM
(This is not an accurate portrayal of me in high school. Don't get any ideas.)

It's three minutes to first bell as Cornelius Hazard walks at a brisk pace towards the school building.

Sophomore year. Maybe it'll be better this year.

Two minutes. He stops by his locker and grabs his books for his first class. His thick glasses slip a bit. He takes a moment to adjust them.

One minute. He walks down the hallway to his first class, glancing at his schedule: English.

That's a good subject. Thirty seconds. He reaches the door to his first class, enters the room (hunched over the books in his arms, trying to not attract attention) and takes his seat. The bell rings.

He's precisely on time, as always.

He glances nervously around the room. He doesn't recognize anyone.

Good, he'd rather they leave him alone anyway.
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04-16-2010, 01:34 PM
Weirdo. Part jock, part nerd.

No really. Played rugby at county level, even got to play at Twickenham Stadium were the international Team play.

Also a maths and physics studying, self PC building Star trek fan.

More relevantly; death to school. it's horrible.
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04-16-2010, 01:37 PM
I suppose I could copy my own experience.

It was a simpler time, it was a better time. The worries of real life were far away as I tore up the football field with my awesome band marching. I was unnaturally popular with the ladies for a reason I could never pinpoint, and the free chocolate milk was a joyous bounty from the gods.

Back when parties meant playing Halo with your best buds, and everyone looked forward to dressing up for the Prom.

Ahhhh good times.
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04-16-2010, 01:58 PM
I was band geek/nerd.
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04-16-2010, 02:15 PM
Can I be Screech?
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04-16-2010, 02:16 PM
I was one of the more well known stoners. I could outsmoke almost all I met. Chronics Crew is what the called me and my friends and I was the financial backing for the supplies as it were. :p
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04-16-2010, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by gx4th View Post
Can I be Screech?
Whatever works. Just remember this is basically an interactive RPG thread. I've set the time at 15 minutes before class. I'll let you guys know when class begins and I'll introduce the NPC's as the game progresses.

Assume we're all new to this school and suspend your disbelief a bit. Despite our differences in grade we'll all be in the same classroom learning the same subject.

Or you can skip school, but if you miss too many classes your parents get a phone call! *Which may or may not matter just as in RL.*
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04-16-2010, 02:36 PM
I was a bit nerdy at school

But now i think id be more like The Fonz

Sticks thumbs up... Eyyyy

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