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# 1 Ten Forward: The RPG
04-17-2010, 10:34 PM
Inspired by a thread by Captain_Zero, Ravenstein has decided to get this thing started.

The rules are simple:
1. You can play any character from any universe or even one that you have made up. If they are a being of omnipotent or near omnipotent power, their overall power will be adjusted down somewhat.
2. No God-modding. I am relying on self policing here to keep us in line.
3. Ravenstein has a basic story worked out so she will be instituting some plot events to keep some action going. If you want, feel free to create events of your own.
4. You can die, but as Player Characters upon death you will soon be resurrected in the City Center. The death penalty is all your stuff gets moderately damp as you climb out of the fountain beneath the Giant Clock. NPCs may not be so lucky...
5. If you want to join in, just give us a description of your character, maybe post an image if you want, and join in.
6. No more then three major characters per person except GM or whoever is setting an event.
7. No more then two characters from a single universe unless the event is taking place in that universe.
8. For the ease of comprehension, use proper or a close approximation of proper grammar and spelling. And have some manner of formatting for your posts. Popular choices include having actions or thoughts in a different font or italics and verbalization in normal font. Other choices are setting it up with sentence like '"..." he said' or something to that effect.
9. Anyone can join, but we do ask that you join when a fight or other action sequence is not going on. Those can be hard enough to describe without having a new person show up.

Premise: Where every universe that has ever and will ever exist intersects there is a city like no other where characters from across the multiverse just sort of end up. Nobody knows how they arrive here or how to get back to where they came, so they make the best of what they have here.

The greatest defining feature of the city is a Giant Clock in the center of the city. This clock is almost always counting down to something. The speed at which it moves is not constant. Days can pass but on the clock only a few minutes will tick by. But whenever the clock reaches Twelve, something happens. Something big. Something amazing. Something terrible. Something no being across the multiverse would want to miss. It is from this clock that the city gets it's name: Clock.

Below the Giant Clock is the Fountain. Those who are Destined will return to existence through the Fountain. The Destined are those who are chosen by fate to decide the events of the Giant Clock. They are the cityís protectors and guardians. Only they can defend Clock when the events of the Giant Clock drive the city to near ruin.

Destined arrive in Clock all the time. But donít worry; for now the Giant Clock is still a ways off from Twelve at the moment.

Morning is dawning on what could be an ordinary day in Clock. The clock shows just a little after One...

Current Players and their characters:
1) Ravenstein - Kimiko Arisato, Nao Yuuki Zhang, Gal'leath
2) Zona Samurai - Spartan 103, The Doctor (taken over from Luthen)
3) SF_Shadow_Phoenix - Tas'ir
4) ShadowDarter - Trout
5) Spartan844 - Alejandro-448
6) MGDawson - Augustus

Past and (Possibly Returning, someday) PCs (possibly still around as NPCs or additional characters played by PCs)
1) Captain_Zero - Gallagher
2) Teacherguy - Harry Dresden
3) febostaf - Ciaphas Cain + Jurgen ("pet")
4) Daevan - Roland Deschain, Dean Winchester
5) Kraq999 - John
6) Castogere - Arowan Kord
7) MycroftHolmes - James
8) Bobservo - Jeremy Hillary Boob, PHD
9) Kudredin - Kud Redin
10) Jshign - Kyladria ti Thazir
11) SmashSF - Rogal Dorn
12) Max Spock - Atreon of Crete
13) SaintHazard - Torvus Hazard
14) ericajoanne - Misty Gotta
15) Lonomahin - Methana
16) Corban_Lewis - Ethanial Naabel
17) Rha-Shazad - Rear Admiral Wolfgar Skaarsgard
18) Xiaza - Alexandra 'Lexi' Bowyer and Lilith Bowyer
19) Luthen - The Doctor and AltaÔr
20) Zachary - Zachary the Pokemon Trainer
21) Capulet - Martha Jane

Discuss the RPG thread here.
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# 2
04-17-2010, 10:35 PM
As an example:

Kimiko Arisato awakens. It is morning. She looks around her room. It is exactly as she left it. Just one thought crosses her mind: Why does this feel so off? She looks out her window and sees a giant clock in the center of town. "That's new," she says.

Kimiko showers and changes into her school uniform and heads out of her room in the dorm. The hallway is eerily quiet. Usually she would hear Yukari, Fuuka, or Mitsuru...even Aigis sometimes. But today there is nothing. Even the boys floor is quiet. Kimiko even misses Junpei's horrible off-key singing. Nobody is on the ground floor either.

Kimiko wonders if she has overslept when she steps outside. Everything is different. Her dorm is still there but what was Iwatodai has changed. As the view from her window suggested, the center of the city is dominated by a Giant Clock. Kimiko wonders where she is. She looks around and begins exploring the city...

Now it doesn't have to be so detailed, but you get the idea...
Any questions, feel free to ask here.
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# 3
04-17-2010, 11:25 PM
No questions. Thanks for starting it though. I look forward to playing a more serious character. I'm gonna mull over some options and post something tomorrow.
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# 4
04-18-2010, 12:18 AM
hmmm will take me a bit to come up with a story But i claim Ciaphas Cain [and jurgen] Hero of the Imperium
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# 5
04-18-2010, 06:53 AM
((Oh, I am very much so signing up for this! I'm going with Roland Deschain, of The Dark Tower.))

Roland blinks and raises a hand to shield his eyes. How unusual... One moment, he was walking through the desert, the man in black at his fore, the sun behind him. Then he blinked, his ears filled with a rushing sound like none he had heard before and his eyes filled with a blinding light. Through the rushing, he could swear he heard a voice.

"This is your fate, Gunslinger. Endless wandering, ceaseless searching for something that shall always remain out of reach."

The voice of Gan, the White itself? The work of the Manni, even? The voice of the Tower, or maybe the guardians of the Beams? Or the voice of Walter, trying to muddle his senses? It didn't matter. Once he could see again, his vision immediately focused on a clock in the distance. Positioned in the center of town, it called to him.

He would find whoever sent him here in time. If need be, he would punish them, force them to return him in the only way he knew how... With a hail of bullets and the thunder of the ancient revolvers by his side. For the time being, he would investigate. He would move forward, as he always had, as he always would.
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# 6
04-18-2010, 11:12 AM
I"ve decide to go with the character I introduced in the thread posted by Captain Zero. He's a character from my own table top RPG game that I run. As I said in the other thread, he's basically a combat capable diplomat, and a leader among his people. He's usually quite serious when there's important stuff to be done, but inside him there is a bit of a clown and with some prompting he can kick back and have a good time. The game he comes from is a mish mash of Sci Fi themes, but is mostly, loosely based on a computer game called "Homeworld"

Ethanial Naabel races down the corridor of the Angelfire, a Destroyer class vessel in the Kushan Fleet. His wife, son and daughter run with him. The Kushan's mortal enemies the Taaidan ambushed their fleet and it is now attempting a retreat while making sure the most important ships escape first. The Angelfire has taken too much damage and the Captain has ordered everyone to evacuate.

Just as he reaches the escape pod he is shocked when in less than a second he finds himself running down a back alley in a city of some kind. He turns around looking for his family but doesn't see them.


His heart pounds hard enough for him to hear it. His eyes wide in shock. He runs out of the alley and into the central square of the city where the clock stands. He see's a wide assortment of people moving around.

He leans against the building, his mind reeling at this very strange turn of events. Unable to speak, he catches his breath, trying to make sense of things.
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# 7
04-18-2010, 11:25 AM
Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium awoke with a blinding headache. "aaah, Jurgen i think i may have had a tad too much to drink last night." he says after smelling the familiar odor of his Adjunct. prying open his eyes to the light he finds his lies not on his bed but in a great Square, squinting in the early light he notices his comrade lying beside him, "Jurgen wake up! where are we?"

Jurgen blinked in the light and calmly wiped the saliva from his chin, "Sir, i dont think we are at the Commisariat any longer."

Looking down at himself he notices that instead of the off duty cloths he wore the night before he was wearing his Greatcoat, sash and sidearms [Chainsword and Laspistol] and Jurgen was decked out in his usual assortment of bags and packs.

Cain looks around the square and decides to set off in search of the nearest PDF unit to help him.

Jurgen follows, somehow holding a thermos of Tanna Tea for Cain "here you go sir"

"Thank you, It looks like its going to be a long day."

bound to be a few errors, but its been over a year since i read the latest Commisar cain book. but i should regain a handle on it in a few more posts
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# 8
04-18-2010, 11:26 AM
Hrm I want in. I need to go dig up my character sheet for my Sulustan Jedi....yesssss....
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# 9
04-18-2010, 11:29 AM
(I like this idea. I'm going to try an experiement and borrow a character - Harry Dresden)

Question for Raven: The Dresden Files novels are all written in first person narration and I'd rather post that way. Is that a problem? I'm writing this first post in first person, but if you would rather I switch to third person let me know.

SPOILER ALERT: To anyone reading this who has not read the Dresden novel "Changes" and wishes to do so, I am picking up at the end of the novel and my first post contains some references to how it ends. Be warned.

I woke up to the sound of a clock striking. Bells from a clock tower. It took my befuddled mind awhile to register what was wrong with that, and the list was considerable. First - there is no clock tower near my apartment in Chicago, yet there I was hearing one in my own bed. My own bed. Problem number two was that this apartment building had very recently burnt down, yet here it was. Third problem was that the last thing I could remember was slowly sinking into the very cold waters of Lake Michigan with a seemingly fatal gunshot wound.

That got me out of bed.

The whole long list of who or what might be messing with me was depressingly long. A quick search of the apartment showed that all of my stuff was there - including, a few cans of blessedly cold Diet Coke in my ice box. But my roommates were missing.. Despite frantic calling there was no sign of my dog Mouse or my cat Mister. Damn.

This led me to rush into the lab I set up in my sub-basement. No Bob either. I went back upstairs.

Then I saw my duster and my staff by the door.

Wrong again.

My duster had been shredded by... well that's another story. Suffice to say it should have looked worse than its normal battered self... and my staff...

I went to the front door and up the steps to see the Blue Beetle - my battered VW - sitting as intact as it ever was in my parking space. I distinctly remember my staff having been destroyed when the Beetle was pancaked by... well that is another long story.

Then i looked around. Right building. My former car in the right spot. But Toto,I don't think I'm in Chicago anymore.
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04-18-2010, 01:31 PM
Glad to see we are getting some popularity here.

Originally Posted by Teacherguy
Question for Raven: The Dresden Files novels are all written in first person narration and I'd rather post that way. Is that a problem? I'm writing this first post in first person, but if you would rather I switch to third person let me know.
Perfectly alright.

Some other info on the city:
If anyone wants to talk for some NPCs, go right ahead. Most people in Clock are used to strange people showing up. There is no definite time setting for Clock. It's residents come from a varied background of time periods and technology levels resulting a surprisingly well developed knowledge of theoretical sciences, magic, and theology in the average person just based on being around and talking with people. Most people are fairly helpful and understanding as newcomers are constantly arriving.

Around the city are open farmlands, forbidding forests, and small farms, almost as if someone had designed this city to be made for adventure.

Clock is 'governed' by a council of twelve 'lords', each coming from an area of the city that represents one twelfth of the city's area. Each 'lord' is elected by popular shouting match and serves until recalled, which usually happens every two weeks or so in another 'recall shouting match'. The Lords never actually do anything but are an excellent means for the populace to vent their frustrations.

Real authority however is wielded by the Sheriff. Nobody knows exactly who the Sheriff is as whenever he appears in an official capacity he wears a mask. The Sheriff doesn't talk about himself either. He is a very capable fighter however, able to easily subdue virtually any opponent. Furthermore nobody can remember ever seeing him bleed nor can they remember a time before the Sheriff. Mysteriously though, he disappears with the tolling of Twelve on the Giant Clock leading some sages to speculate that he is a force of Clock itself.

The Sheriff decides disputes and leads the Constabulary, his group of followers called Constables who keep the peace in the city. Disturbers of the peace are imprisoned for a number of days based on the severity of their crime.

Clock is mostly safe, but occasionally refugees and travelers with malicious intent will appear in Clock. As a result most people do have at least some basic fighting skill to deal with these intruders. Sometimes however particularly powerful interlopers may appear. For these, Clock relies on the Destined and the Constabulary.

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