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How do you know the DEVs don't actually play their own game? Just read the changes they make. Consider this in the context of ground PvP - or PvP late at night when there are barely enough Klingons on to run a Salvage with even teams.

Added a join time limit for the various queue types. This prevents players from queuing up for a pvp game and entering a map that is well into the game.

1. Arena Maps: 2 minute time limit
2. Everything else: 4 minute time limit
So now, when the queue pops and you are 2v5 in ground, or 7 feds and 4 klingons in salvage, you only have to wait the first few minutes of the match. If no one comes, you simply leave because no one else is coming. Considering more than 50% of all ground PvP matches start unbalanced - and quite a few Salvage matches late at night - but both eventually balance out numbers over time - this change is clearly being made in complete ignorance of how the current queue system is broken.

This is a change that is not needed because it does not address the problem of queues popping with unbalanced teams in the first place. It will only make finding good matches more difficult because after the first few minutes, the outnumbered team has a legitimate reason to bail - no help is coming, and your friends can't jump in to help.

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