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Cryptic have let me down with aspects of the game and this made me turn away to start with but leaving and looking back made me see that the game has massive potential. Being a trekkie at heart i could not ignore this game, and it is now the evolution of how newer Star Trek future tv series may also progress and i think how awesome it would be too watch what your playing through.

Does the game have many faults !? Of course it does but should we offer our surport or angry condemnation, when we all know these can be easly fixed given time. I see many haters i was one myself at first but dont let some of these threads including my older posts put you off trying the game because if your a Trekkie you will love it !!

What im trying to say is if your happy with your choice of becoming a lifetime member like myself then speak up dont let these haters speak for you. Ignore any poster who compares this game too other games like Wow etc because the truth of the matter is this game is Star Trek and it's not trying to be like those MMO's that are already around.

What would i like too see added !?

The servers to respond would be a nice start for me but The Terran Empire Romulans and Borg as playable factions would be very exciting to have in the future, Territory Fleet Warzones with klingons attacking prewarp races for resources with the Federation Coming to there aid in a tug of war for domination. Plus the ability to selfcraft something unique, such as my own weapons shields and other upgrade designs from the anomaly pickups also i would like Q to cast ships adrift into the furthest reaches of the Delta and Gamma Quadrents giving those with nothing to do at the current capped levels one hell of an adventure and one hell of a task to get back home. Just a few Simple idea's but im sure people would be drawn in by such additions but dont rule them out as this game is only a few months old and still in its infantsy.

Like i said this game offers so much we just need to give it time to evolve and i for one is happy i bought a lifetime membership.

Peace too all .. Set.

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