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# 1 Optimizing : Me and My Boffs
04-18-2010, 11:42 PM
So, i've played the game a month nearly, and the majority of the time i've nitpicked every little thing i've done, wandered aimlessly, read the forums, wrote things and notes down for myself, and i'm pretty convinced now of my choices, but wanted help to arrive at the point of the skills i need to make my play style work exactly for me. Which is why i turn to the community for any of the steps i'm missing.

I've read that Bridge officers are many, and plentyful and the key to your success not only on the ground, but in space also.

So far, i'm having trouble differentiating my ground from bridge team, and i've come to the conclusion it's not a bad thing to use my merits and credits alike to retrain them the exact pinpoint skills i need, but at this rate, i want to maximize my damage and their efficiency at doing things right down to their traits and race. So with that said,

Captain - I'm going to make a Science officer, one that's fully focused on making the most of roots, snares, and exposes, so that i can not only create an opportunity when my Boffs are actualyl targeting what i'm targeting, to readily explit, and of course so i can melt people's faces off in ground pvp, as it's been shown to me as pretty lethal .

Tactical Officer - I want my tactical officer todraw heavy aggro, taught an aoe gun, and flatout make people want to kill him. I want to know the best setup for that, if my best choice would be a Klingon, what powers should he have, are grenades good for aggro or overwatch?

Engineers - So far i'm not really sure who seemingly on traits makes for a decent Engineer setup. So far i havent noticed alot of good Engineering discussions about ground and what the business is. I know how they affect space, and i was wondering if Leadership Stacks. I know for a fact i'm rolling Cruiser because i know my style, and more often than not i'm always getting aggro and i'm always getting obliterated because the ships i have aren't big on Shields.

With that being said, i was thinking of having two human engineers, the kinds that can drop medical and phaser turrets, and keep a healthy supply of foils for my opposition. One saboteur, and one fabrication specialist.

Science - Since i'm going to be an aoe crowd control, root the hell out of you kind of guy, i figure i need a dedicated healer. I was thinking it'd either be between a Betazoid and a Bajoran, i was wondering if their trait really made a difference out of it all.

My idea is to take that set of Boffs, and optimize them to give me everything i need on the ground, and in space dutifully. The Rest of the Boffs if i ever get them and have the consoles will round out the skills i dont particularly have.

I just want to know if i roll Cruiser, will i be able to aptly polarize my hull, have two dedicated heals as far my shield, and still scramble the hell out of someone's sensors two times over maybe? Haha just ignore me if you cant get what i mean by the space stuff. I'm stilla noob leveling a tactical officer up and through Commander, but it's like i keep getting the impression i could make everything so much easier for myself if i optimized all my stuff from the get go, and worked my way into the rest of it.
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# 2
05-07-2010, 07:52 AM
In a nutshell, right now space abilities on bridge officers are hosed. Only efficient works, and that's only available on pre-order only Borg or very rare saurian uncommon BO's (for no reason that I can understand, and they cost over 7 million at least so it's not realistic). Leadership exists on humans but is broken. No other space trait can be found on any BO's.

I'm a tactical officer in a star cruiser. If you want to be focused on defense, it's no problem, you definitely can do it. Just realize you have, at most, only three science powers, so you need to make them count. I use two copies of Hazard Emitters I as it gives me a constant HoT regen and keeps me clear of plasma fire as well as giving me 30% damage resistance bonus. I have Science Team II as my third ability for those times when I need to clear enemy science abilities.

I don't use Science Team II as my primary shield healing - for those I use Emergency Power to Shields II and I. If you use Science Team first, you'll be locking up Engineering Team too much and that is not recommended. On that note, I have Engineering Team II and I to back up the Hazard Emitters.

You will find that your shields are not really your primary defense. Your hull is. Your shields will go down, it's a reality, but your hull can take a lot of damage and your shields will do their best to regen as you go. Emergency Power to Shields is more useful in that it gives a large bonus to your shield setting and some damage resistance to it; think of your shields as being a kind of a persistent speedbump to them hosing your hull.

Also, I think it needs to be said: if you see a huge salvo of torpedos coming, use brace for impact! It helps a lot. Also, Evasive Maneuvers does make you harder to hit, and can make escapes quite possible, especially when backed up by an engine battery.

Beyond that, I have two copies of Directed Energy Modulation II at my commander level abilities. I use eight turrets so that I don't have to worry about facing (helpful in a cruiser) and DEM results in a damage bonus if you use turrets. At commander I have Boarding Party III, again due to lack of anything better, although were it not for the fact that for some unfortunate reason it starts the cooldown on my science and engineering teams I would probably be more willing to use it... in any case, only use that at short range or the shuttles will get shot down. Pretty nice when they actually make it though...

For my two tactical officer abilities I have Tactical Team I and Cannon: Rapid Fire I. I usually use Tactical Team I as a combat starter as it gives me a nice damage bonus to my cannons. By the time I need my science or engineering teams for recovery the cooldown is usually up... but use this situationally all the same. Rapid Fire gives me an enormous dps bonus! When I use Tactical Initiative I can pretty much activate rapid fire three times in a row so it's extremely potent.

Being a tactical officer in a cruiser is all about being an "offensive tank". I feel this build handles that well. Also note you don't need polarize hull if you don't care about facing... tractor beams don't really accomplish much on you.

If you have any questions, just ask.

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