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New supplemental video log from Red Shirt Army is online, parts 2-4 for other maps coming shortly

Feedback appreciated
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04-22-2010, 07:34 AM
My comments:

Overall, your walkthrough is solid and appreciated. You covered each of the important accessible areas. I liked your review of the north room (console room) and its ledges which I almost never see anyone using. Perhaps it would help to cover the paths from one area to another in more detail. Being in the top area and seeing red dots on your minimap in the cargo room, for example, it would be helpful to know the shortest/quickest path to get down there. However, once you've played the map a few times those things become obvious.

You talked about the double-tap moves and at first mentioned that they don't really serve a purpose other than expending energy, but then you discussed a setup where it was very useful. I find the double-tap side rolls very helpful in avoiding enemy fire (rolling behind cover). I think cover is something that most players could benefit from learning to use more often.

Interestingly, I felt a little queasy while watching your video. I think that was due to your camera going places that my mind knows are inaccessible. I've played that map probably a hundred times or more and never had a problem while playing, but your video definitely played tricks on my mind. Call of Duty MW has the same effect, even while I am playing it. Maybe reducing the camera movement/twitch a bit might help.

Thanks for the walkthrough.

I would like to see teams use more uncommon tactics, like timely blocking the entrances to the north console room with forcefields or cover-shields such that a few enemies are trapped in there with your entire team. Or blocking only one entrance to the cargo room and holding the enemy off at the other.

One time I was chasing an engineer, who was chasing my teammate, down the ramp into the cargo room. Just as the enemy got to the doorway, he stopped and dropped a forcefield. The forcefield separated me and my teammate, making the fight a 1v1 instead of 2v1. I found that quite ingenious and I would like to see more strategic use of those kinds of abilities. I think the ground maps we have offer us the chance to use some uncommon tactics and walkthrough videos like yours will help in educating players to that possibility.

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