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# 1 Concept Idea: Random Creatures
04-21-2010, 08:15 PM
I see that Cryptic is looking at adding a little life to the planets and creating some creatures. This would be nice for the few creatures that we actually know through Star Trek, but there's infinite unknown worlds out there.

I say you create something similar to the "character creation utility" we use at the beginning of the game that has varions for creatures. Size, color, texture, number of legs, eyes, skin/scales/feathers, patterns, shapes, etc... Then when exploring random planets, it generates several critters and places them around...

This could also (or may already be employed) for creating random races for planets we visit. Random generator starts, makes a new species, selects one of various styles of missions

Would be cool if somehow our mission log stores some sort of link or id, so that one day we can flip through our log and revisit that species, show our friends, etc. Maybe "share the mission" so our friends can see the planet and experience what we did.

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