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Hello, I would like to announce that a newly created fleet: Interstellar Guard Omega is recruiting. Interstellar Guard Omega Is a fleet for anyone that wants an easy-going fleet to join. There are no
rank restrictions to join so it doesn't matter if you are Lt. 1 or RA.5, all are welcome.
There is no minimum amount of time you have to be on for, we all have lives outside of STO.
The only rules are:

1.Respect all players, if they are on the fleet or not.
2.No spamming, It is just plain annoying
3.Language, You must speak English
4.Foul language (Within Reason), It isn't against the rules unless you excessively swear
or use racist slang or anything in an offensive manner

The Ranking system goes as it follows:

1.New Recruit- Automatically assigned to new members, New Recruits have very limited power since they have not proved themselves yet.

2.Fleet Ensign-You usually get promoted to this rank almost right after joining.

3.Fleet Lieutennant-The original joiners of the fleet are allowed to start at this rank, everyone else must prove themselves to be advanced to this rank.

4.Fleet Commander-Any member who has achieved this rank has been an outstanding member in the fleet.

5.Fleet Captain-In order to achieve this rank, you must prove yourself as an indispensible member to the fleet.

6.Trusted Fleet Officer-Trusted Fleet Officer is the highest rank that you can attain. In order to achieve this rank, you must prove yourself to be an irreplaceable member of the fleet as well as earn my complete trust. Trusted Fleet Officers have almost as much power as I do in the fleet and they are trusted to help run the fleet while I am gone for an extended period of time.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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04-22-2010, 10:19 PM
Good luck with your fleet.
Lt. Commander
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04-23-2010, 01:46 AM
Wish you well

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