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I believe somehow, my character has become corrupted, somehow. There are two, or maybe three, reasons I believe this:

1. I am *never* offered Aid the Planet missions. I vaguely remember no more than two of them back when I was starting out. I've earned thousands of 5th order badges in B'Tran cluster on Holodeck, and I can say with confidence I was never offered an Aid the Planet mission in B'tran cluster.

This persists on Tribble too. With the new "Outreach" missions, I have a quest - The Needs Of The Many, in which it tells me to "aid a Needy planet", specifically in Delta Volanis. Well, I've been checking ten unknown systems (on average) in DV since the previous Tribble build came out (The one with the difficulty slider and DP) a day, and I have not seen a single Aid the Planet mission.

This is vexing enough to me that I filed a bug report five days ago. Ticket, #824,534. No response yet.

2. This second reason is only occurring on Tribble - but that's only because the death penalty is not on Holodeck yet. This issue is, my character no longer receives injuries of ANY severity on the ground, when playing on Advanced difficulty.

Tonight, I fought some Widrab and Uni-whatevers on the ground, on planet maps with no buildings for cover, so I died a lot. I died over ten times; all away team members wiped out. None of my away team, including myself, picked up a single injury, minor or otherwise. The closest thing to an "Injury" was when Plasma Fire lingered on my alien Engineering Boff for a few minutes after respawn.

Now, when the DP was introduced on Tribble, and i started throwing myself into the Ground Meat Grinder known as Advanced difficulty, I did receive injuries, usually after every wipeout. I remember that that stopped, during one nasty mission - I thought the game was "Taking pity" on me, so didn't think anything of it. I haven't seen another injury, minor or otherwise, on any of my Boffs, since then.

This is all on the ground - I haven't managed to die in space on Advanced yet.

3. Third issue is this - In space battles, none of my crew (of my Assault Cruiser), ever dies. My crew bar may go full orange, but that's it. My level 7 Klingon, does have crew die. But the crew of my Sovereign is immortal. I do have one biofunction monitor console on my Sovereign, though.

So, I would like to have my character "looked at". I'm not sure I can efficiently test on Tribble if my character is corrupt - I certainly can't test the Outreach mission (and their rewards) if I'm never offered an Aid the Planet mission.

Anyway, I hope some Dev can take a look at this for me - the fact that I've stopped getting injuries on Tribble makes me fear that my character is "breaking down" somehow.
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04-24-2010, 10:48 PM
I did some checking in my Captain's Logs - It appears I've only done three Relief Effort missions - two on 2/8, and one on 2/4. Yes, I checked the whole log.

This is not right.
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04-25-2010, 09:50 PM
Interesting, as I have some of the same issues on my RA5; I haven't seen an Aid the Planet mission since I passed Commander level so I assumed they were removed until the latest revamp on Tribble, but I haven't been offered any on Tribble either.
Also, I responded to your post in the Tribble Server Forum with the same problem of no ground injuries on Advanced difficulty, but you can read my troubleshooting and final resolution in the other thread.

I am wondering about the missing Aid Planet missions though. I'll go back and see if I can can find out when my last one was.
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04-26-2010, 11:10 AM
I wouldn't say corrupt more just a bug.
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04-26-2010, 12:21 PM
I checked and my last Aid Planet was Feb 4, and still none offered on Tribble.

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