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over the last 2 days pvp'ing ground missions, I have had players starting the match on correct teams and then on respawn, being on the other team or being neutral to both teams.

Happened to 2 Klinks 2 days ago, started correctly on the klink on the fed side and were not happy about it lol. Even now 7v3...the klinks still won.

Last night again I'm on my klink in a premade, we get thru the initial fight with the feds, and I watched this one guy who had a distinctive looking egg headed alien toon get exposed then vaporized.....he re-spawned and was neutral to both sides. If an egg headed alien could pout....he was trying...looking all sad standing in the no-mans land between sides of a fire fight.....

Anyway I thought this type of bug got squashed or was it something else?
Lt. Commander
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04-23-2010, 10:40 AM
Of all the bugs being exploited on the ground right now, this one is the least of my concerns.
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04-23-2010, 11:00 AM
It has happened to me before when I lost connection or the client crashed while in a ground match. Upon returning I am on the other side or neutral to both. It is very annoying. Logging out and back in sometimes corrects it.

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