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I've been trying to set up some complicated binds (roughly 5 commands at once) but after a few attempts at binding to a key most commands won't work any more. I'll type in the bind command, the game will accept it without complaining and nothing will happen. The keys that this is happening on are 0 and rctrl. From what I can tell it'll still accept commands that start with a plus sign, +left and +TrayExecByTray still work but PowerTrayExec won't. (I've fooled around with it more and "GenButtonClick PowerLevel_Preset_1" still works, both by itself and in a compound command) Sometimes when it fails it will keep the old bind bound, other times it will seem to blank the bind, pressing the key won't do anything.

I've tried multiple things to fix it, including hitting the reset binds key, saving and reloading the bind from a file, adding the bind to the file and loading it and using the options menu to bind it to something else (which works) and then rebinding it (which doesn't). Restarting the game doesn't help either.

I've found enough alternate commands to do the binding that I want to do but it'd still be great if this were fixed. I don't know if this is localized to some keys or not, I'm not going to intentionally screw up my key binds on this.

I've submitted bug report #833,093 with mostly the same info.

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