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(OOC: If you want to join this RP, please post in the OOC/Signup Thread first if you haven't already. However, once we start on the actual mission, I will not accept any other entries. Standard RP Rules Apply, but I'll allow ships that are somewhat tougher than most RPs, because we're in for some MASSIVE Combat once things really get going.

Here we go again!!!!! )

(Play Soundtrack: Main Title)

The Triangle Region. A Triangle-Shaped region of space classified as Neutral Territory. Bordered on one side by the Federation, one side by the Klingons, and one side by the Romulans, it was always something of a hotspot--especially in the last month as the war between the Federation and the Klingons continued to intensify.

A Type-11 Shuttlecraft, Heavily Modified for Independent Action, landed in a small hangar in Starbase 234, the Federation's Primary Outpost in the Triangle. As it landed, it sent the following message throughout Federation Space:

"All Federation Starships not currently otherwise occupied are to gather at Starbase 234. Once said ships have docked at the Starbase, their Captains are to head to the Starbase's Briefing room."

A man, who appeared to be 19 Years Old, with Long Purple Hair, wearing reading glasses and a Red Starfleet Uniform with Commander's Rank Insignia, stepped out of the shuttle. He headed for the Briefing Room and prepared to brief the Starship Captains who answered his call.
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04-24-2010, 07:08 PM
The green skinned alien made his way confidently down the hall. The rank markings on his sleeve indicated Lieutenant and the crimson color of his shirt indicated he was in the command branch, but what he lacked in rank he made up in confidence. Most officers of his rank became nervous when summoned by a flag officer, but Tímas Jarus was not just another officer.
Paying homage to the past he wore the original uniform from a legendary five-year mission. He had studied Starfleet records back to the beginning and knew battle strategy that rivaled most other officers with twice his experience, although the experiences heíd had prior would have made many of his superiors cringe. He also knew that he had a lot to learn still, and looked forward to journey. He reached the door and pressed the chime.
"Come," the voice beyond the door said.
He entered and walked right up to the desk, the chair behind which was turned so he couldnt see the person sitting in it. "Lieutenant Jarus, reporting, sir."
The chair swiveled around. The man wore an older style Starfleet uniform, with grey shoulders on a black jacket, with the crimson turtle neck underneath. He wore Admiral rank, and T'mas snapped a salute as the person stood.
"At ease, Lieutenant," the Admiral said, returning the salute. He motioned to the vacant chair, "please sit."
Jarus did, but the Admiral moved over to a viewport in the office that over looked the shipyards above Earth. The Admiral wasn't a large man, but he carried himself with confidence and purpose. He locked his arms at the wrists behind his back. "I have heard a lot about you, Lieutenant. Your making quite the name for yourself among the Fleet."
"Thank you, sir." he responded simply, "Just following orders."
"Yes, but its how you follow orders that interests me. You don't have the newest technology at your disposal, yet you can get results where others do not."
While it was true that he was commanding officer of a ship that was over a hundred years old in terms of service record, the technolgy on board was new. Of course he had never felt the technology made the crew, he felt it was the opposite.
The Admiral continued, "I have had you and your crew reassigned to me."
"Yes, sir."
He turned and stared at Jarus with the hint of a smile on his face. "Lieutenant, you have to learn to stop saying 'yes, sir' everytime someone says something to you. You are the commanding officer of your ship and your crew, regardless of the rank on your collar, to them, you're the captain, and I do not want my captains to simply say 'yes, sir' when I say something."
"Okay sir, why are we being reassigned then?"
The smile got larger on the Admiral's face, "Now you get the idea. Your skill set and that of your crew fit more with my kind of missions than the normal mundane stuff that the other Fleets get."
That got Jarus' attention more than hearing he'd been reassigned. "What type of missions are we talking about, sir?"
The smile disappeared, "The kind that never get mentioned."
"I imagine that this is serious." Jarus said.
"I'm not sure to be honest, but I know that I'm too high profile now for what I believe it might be. That being said, I have read your file and feel you are best suited for it." The Admiral moved away from the viewport and back to the desk. He opened a drawer and pulled out a small box and handed it to him. "This is for you."
Jarus opened the box, and saw two gold pips inside it. "Sir?"
"Its called a field promotion, Lieutenant. You are now a Captain, with all the rights and priveleges of that rank. Ive also transfered your crew to a new ship, and that will be your command now."
Jarus' head started spinning. He took a few breaths to calm his mind and tried to link the events that had just happened. His people were not nearly as logical as Vulcans, but mental discipline was a large part of Kintagan culture.
He was now a Captain, that meant he had to be a captain for this mission and not just a commanding officer. His whole crew was being transfered to the new command, which meant two things; his current ship was not well enough equipped technologically for the mission, but the crew was perfect for it. Based on the Admiral reading his file, and knowing his crew choice the mission was starting to clarify itself, but the final piece of the puzzle was missing-what kind of ship was in command of?
"Captain," the Admiral had pinned his pips to his collar and had saluted him. Jarus snapped the salute back as his mind returned to the moment. "Something on your mind?"
"Actually, sir," Jarus began, "I think I have a fairly solid handle on this. The only question I have is the type of ship I have been assigned to and if I will need to requisition additional crew."
"Fair enough," the Admiral sat down and pressed a few buttons on his console and a previously dark screen behind him lit up. The image on the screen was that of a small ship, with a slightly tappered "nose" where the deflector was. The nacelles of the ship were set into the sides of the main hull, and were easily designed to give the vessel more speed and manuevereability. Along the right side of the ship's image there were pictures of his crew.
"Based on missions that I've had previously come across this desk and considering your battle style, I felt a Defiant class was perfect for you. Your current bridge crew will serve well on this vessel, although as you indicated you may wish to add an officer or two. She has a unique load out for you, two sets of Dual Tetryon Cannons, a Dual Phaser Array bank, and a Quantum torpedoe launcher in the front, a Tetryon Array and another Quantum launcher in the Aft. She's got a deflector that strengthens her shields which offer partial resistance to all known energy weapons. Plus she was built with a hull that offers the same partial resistance to energy weapons."
"Thank you, sir," he was impressed with the ship, but, "Sir, her designation, it isnít displayed."
"Isn't it obvious?" the Admiral said pressing another button. The area of the screen reserved for the designation suddenly lit up, and he saw Jarus smile.
"Thank you sir,"
"You're welcome, Captain. Your first orders are to report to Starbase 234 near the Triangle region of space. Your ship is waiting for you, berth 33. Dismissed." The Admiral, swiveled in his chair.
Jarus was almost out of the office when he heard the Admiral behind him, "I'd also change your uniform, Captain. I have a feeling the darker the better."
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04-24-2010, 09:03 PM
As the man from the shuttle continued to Starbase 234's Briefing Room, he paused briefly at the Observation Deck. He could see a Gryphon-Class Fleet Escort Vessel undergoing maintenance in one of the Starbase's Shipyards. He could see the name U.S.S. Maelstrom on the side of its hull.

Suddenly, a voice behind him said, "Fancy running into you here, Tieria Erde."

(Play Soundtrack: Dreams of the Future)

Tieria turned to see a Human Male Starfleet Fleet Captain grinning at him. The Captain was Human, and a pair of Early-21st-Century Wraparound Sunglass rested atop his short, Brown hair. His uniform was a standard one in Starfleet (OOC: Type B-1 from the STO Character Creator), but it had a custom color scheme--completely black, with dark red for the shoulders. His Violet Eyes were vibrant, and he wore a Japanese Katana at his waist. A Vulcan Female Starfleet Commander stood next to the Captain, wearing an identical Uniform, but without the glasses and Katana.

His expression unchanging, Tieria extended his hand and said, "Good to see you again, Captain Yamato." Tieria then inclined his head toward the Commander and continued, "And you as well, Commander T'Marin."

T'Marin Yamato simply nodded as her husband, Alexander "Alex" Yamato, took Tieria's hand in a friendly handshake and asked, "How's your investigation going?"

"I've found a fairly interesting lead," Tieria replied. "However, I'll need assistance to fully investigate that lead--that's why I'm here."

"I see," Alex said. "Well, I might be able to join you, seeing as how the Maelstrom's maintenance is just about finished."

"Thank you very much, Captain," Tieria replied. "I'm on my way to the Starbase's Briefing Room right now, to meet any Starship Captains that answered my request to gather here. I'll explain the situation there."

"You got it, Tieria," Alex said. He then turned to T'Marin and said, "Shall we go together, T'Marin?"

"Of course, Alex," T'Marin replied, smiling at Alex as the three of them set off for the Starbase's Briefing Room.
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04-24-2010, 11:59 PM
"All Federation Starships not ...occupied are to ... Starbase 234. Once ...docked at the Starbase, their ... head to the Starbase's Briefing room."

"Lieutenant, clean that transmission up. I want to know exactly whats happening at Starbase 234. Helm, lay in a course for the starbase at maximum warp. Lieutenant Commander, how long until my first officer is aboard the ship?"

"Commander Derezinski's shuttle will arrive in approximately one hour sir."

"Very well, send him to my ready room when he arrives. Helm, engage for Starbase 234 once the commander is aboard."

The commander's shuttle arrived after an hour and the USS Bloomington set off for Starbase 234. A few minutes later, Commander Derezinski entered the captain's ready room and saw his new commander for the first time. He was not at all what he'd expected. When he'd been assigned to Fleet Captain Vincent he looked up his files and was surprised to see how short he'd been in Starfleet. He could not believe that a mere boy had been allowed to be a Fleet Captain, let alone given command of a Sovereign Class Assault Cruiser. Most of the captain's files had been classified, so the only real information he had was from his days at the Academy.

The man sitting before him now was not a boy pretending to be a captain, but a battle hardened, confident man. Fleet Captain Vincent sat in his chair wearing a 24th Century uniform (OOC-TNG Movie Uniform), thinking so deeply that he barely noticed the commander enter.

"Commander Christopher Derezinski reporting for duty sir."

"Welcome aboard Commander. We've just received a transmission about Starbase 234, where we're heading now. Do you have any questions before I brief you on the mission? Speak freely."

"Well sir, I apologize for being blunt, but are you really Captain Vincent, the 23 year old human? You are nothing like your files describe."

"You're not the first officer to worry about my age commander. We've got a few hours before we arrive at the starbase, so lets clear up any concerns that you have..."
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04-25-2010, 08:37 AM
(Play Soundtrack, No Sentences)

The trip to the Triangle region of space and Starbase 234 had been eventful. Following a series of additional promotions within his bridge crew and replicating the new uniforms (OOC: the uniforms are now Starfleet-B-4; Black on black with Crimson, Blue, and Gold trim for the appropriate career fields from STO) Jarus had set about walking the Anubis.

A fine ship, he was pleased with how well the crew was transitioning to the new vessel. He had set about his normal routine of running battle drills and was satisfied with the result so far.

"Captain, we are approaching the Triangle region," the helmsman stated. "We are within visual range of Starbase 234."

"On screen, and magnify Lieutenant.", Jarus said. He'd reviewed the orders, and it was simply a message requiring all ships in the area to report and be briefed on arrival. Not ominous, but hardly solid

The front viewscreen switched from a distant shot of the Starbase to a closer view. Jarus could only see a hadful of ships in the area and he wasn't sure how many were assigned to the Starbase and how many were there for the briefing.

"Sir, we've received our docking orders," the helmsman said, turning to face his captain.

Jarus was slightly surprised, he'd not even hailed the Starbase. His ship was either expected or it was standard procedure, he was leaning towards the former. The Admiral must have notified them of our impending arrival

"Take us in then," Jarus stood and made his way to the turbolift. He turned to his first officer, a Bajoran named Orr, manning the tactical console. "You're with me Commander. Mr. Gilj, you have the bridge"

(OOC: The scene has switched to Starbase 234 interior)

Jarus was surprised by the relative lack of activity in the Starbase. While crewmen and officers were busy tending to their duties, it wasn't as busy as any other Starbase he'd been to. This place is efficient, no wasted activity going on here.

He'd reported to the officer on duty after the Anubis had docked and had been told where the briefing room was. Now they were passing through the station and Jarus noticed a ship undergoing maintenance.

"Captain Yamato is here," he said to Orr indicating the ship through the viewports. "That's the Maelstrom, this has all the potential to be a very interesting briefing."

"He's a fine commanding officer, sir," Orr offered, "It could be coincidence."

They were about to enter the briefing room, and Jarus simply replied "As a Starfleet captain, one cannot take things as coincidence."
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04-25-2010, 01:05 PM
(OOC: This scene will start a little before Jarus enters the Briefing Room.)

Tieria, Alex, and T'Marin had arrived at the briefing room, and had taken seats. Tieria sat at the head of the table, while Alex and T'Marin sat next to each other on one side.

"So," Tieria asked, "What happened to the Tempest? I knew you were always fond of that ship and that it'd take a monumental force to tear you away from it."

The USS Tempest had been Alex's previous ship, a Vigilant-Class Tactical Escort Vessel. Alex had been its Captain for about a year and a half, and had gotten used to how it handled.

Alex looked slightly downcast. "The Tempest is gone," He finally said after a moment. "Two weeks ago, We were patrolling along the Federation/Klingon Border when we came under attack. I don't think it was Klingons--it was a single ship, of a configuration I'd never seen before. The enemy ship dealt us massive damage in an instant, and all I could do was give the order to abandon ship. We probably wouldn't be alive if other Federation Ships hadn't happened to be in the area."

"I see," Tieria replied, a contemplative expression on his face. This might tie in with the investigation somehow. "I take it you were given the Maelstrom after returning to Spacedock?"

"Yes," Alex replied. "It's times like that that I enjoy being a member of the Alaric Club--it gets me all sorts of neat little gadgets fresh from R&D." The "Alaric Club" was the unofficial designation for all Starfleet Officers who had been mentored by Dominion War Veteran Admiral John Alaric during their Academy days.

(OOC: Now to pick up from the end of JCaedus' last post. )

Tieria was about to reply when the doors opened, admitting two officers, a Captain and a Commander. The Captain was a race that Alex didn't recognize, while the Commander was Bajoran. Both were male.

"Welcome," Tieria said, greeting the newcomers. "I am Commander Tieria Erde of Starfleet Intelligence. I apologize for any inconveniences I caused by calling you out here."

Alex also turned to the newcomers and said, "I'm Fleet Captain Alex Yamato of the USS Maelstrom." He then gestured to T'Marin as he continued, "And this is my wife, T'Marin. It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain."
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04-25-2010, 02:29 PM
After several hours of discussion the commander and Captain Vincent began to feel very comfortable with each other.

"...after the incident at Starbase 82, we continued our exploration of the B'Tran Cluster. As you know, we were supposed to go to DS9 for a short leave after our rendezvous with you when we received a broken transmission from the Triangle Region. That is all there is to know about me; any more questions?"

"No sir. You've told me more than I ever could have imagined. I had no idea what you'd been through in such a short time. You have my full confidence sir."

The commander's view of Captain Vincent had changed completely in the last hours. He now saw a brilliant man, wise beyond his years. The captain had fought against the Dominion, the Klingons, and even the Borg. His cunning had carried him through some of the toughest battles imaginable. In his short career, the captain had experienced more than most officers experience in a life time and it showed every time he gave a command. The two officers headed to the bridge.

"Captain, we are approaching Starbase 234. They've given us docking clearance, shall we proceed?"

"Take us in Commander. Lieutenant, any progress on that transmission?"

"Yes sir. We've put together the entire message: 'All Federation Starships not currently otherwise occupied are to gather at Starbase 234. Once said ships have docked at the Starbase, their Captains are to head to the Starbase's Briefing room."

"Very good. Commander, once we've docked you and I will head to the briefing room and find out what's going on here."
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04-25-2010, 03:29 PM
Captain Gideon Daniels sat alone in the ready room going over the two short but startling messages. Stormy, a nickname Daniels earned during his Starfleet Academy days which had stuck to this day, was considered a lone wolf, a renegade, a maverick of sorts in Starfleet. Even his ship was somewhat of a rogue in the Federation. The Kettle Creek (NCC 921479) was an Imperial/Noble/Majestic hybrid Assault Cruiser being tested by Starfleet for scenarios such as the one he expected to soon find himself in.
"What can these messages mean?" he asked aloud, despite the fact no one was within earshot.
The first message, which came via Priority Channel, directed all ships not currently under assignment to make their way to Starbase 234. That in itself was troubling, what with the Federation at war with the Klingons and the Borg had somehow survived what was thought to be extinction. Along with that, the Romulans were still bent on revenge for the loss of their home world.
The second message gave Stormy even more reason to be concerned. The message came from someone he had not heard from in quite a while, someone who could be both friend and adversary depending on the circumstances each found themselves in. The four words in the message were clear. "Go to Starbase 234".
He was considering the first message when the second came through his personal channel. When he saw the message, and the name of the sender, there was no question. The Kettle Creek would respond.
"Commander Tracy, set a course for Starbase 234 and get us there as quickly as possible," said Daniels over the ships comm system.
"Yes, sir," replied the First Officer. A few second later the order was confirmed. "Sir, course laid in.Traveling at maximum warp we should arrive at Starbase 234 in 3.6 hours."
"Very well. Alert me when we arrive."
"Aye-aye, Captain."
Stormy was considered "old school" to most, a neanderthal in the space age. While he admitted the need for technological advancement, the star ship captain shunned the idea of technology taking the place of gut instinct in the tough situations. Even his uniform beckoned to the past, an antiquated uniform not worn for hundreds of years. His crew, partly out of loyalty and partly out of fear, wore the same uniform.
While for the most part everything around him appeared to be from another place in Starfleet's history, his appearance did not. Not so long ago, Daniels had been a part of a ship's crew which had been over run and assimilated by the Borg. Many fellow crew members perished that day. Daniels was not so lucky. He was taken prisoner and assimilated by the Borg.
Although liberated, Stormy still feels as if the Borg have a hold on his mind. Despite the fact the link to the collective had been severed, he still heard their commands and their directive for him to return to the hive.
The marks of his captivity were still a part of him. Battle scars, veined pale skin and a Borg device still attached to the side of his head were constant reminders of his captivity.
But those things were not important. The only thing that mattered at this time were the words on the two notes he held in his hand.
The silence was broken by the intercom. "Captain, we will be arriving at Starbase 234 in 10 minutes."
"Thank you Commander Tracy."
He looked at the note a final time. "Well, old friend. What could have broke your silence with me after such a long time. It's sure to be interesting."
With those words, Stormy rose from his chair and made his way to the transporter room.
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04-25-2010, 07:13 PM
(OOC: I cut and pasted the introductions by Alex, and Tieria but made it written from Jarus' POV so this is why I didn't use quote)

The doors to the briefing room slid open. Standing together obviously engaged in conversation, two human males and a female Vulcan turned as the doors slid closed behind them. Jarus recognized Captain Yamato from his records, but the other two people were not known to him, although judging from the matching uniforms, he deduced the Vulcan was with Yamato.

The other male walked over and offered his hand. "Welcome, I am Commander Tieria Erde of Starfleet Intelligence. I apologize for any inconveniences I caused by calling you out here."

Starfleet Intelligence, Jarus thought. This is unexpected. "No inconveniece Commander, glad we could be available"

Captain Yamato turned towards them, "I'm Fleet Captain Alex Yamato of the USS Maelstrom." He then gestured to T'Marin as he continued, "And this is my wife, T'Marin. It's a pleasure to meet you, Captain."

"A privelege, sir" Jarus responded.

He motioned towards Orr, who had stood silently while introductions took place, "My First Officer, Commander Orr. It would appear that we have arrived early, do we know if any other ships have responded?"
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04-25-2010, 08:30 PM
Originally Posted by JCaedus
Starfleet Intelligence, Jarus thought. This is unexpected. "No inconveniece Commander, glad we could be available"
"Thank you, Captain," Tieria replied. He recognized the man from Starfleet Records as T'mas Jarus, but those records stated he was a Lieutenant, meaning that he'd recently gotten a MASSIVE promotion. Tieria filed that information away and resolved to inform his superiors about it later.

Although Tieria had said he was Starfleet Intelligence, that was actually a cover. Tieria was actually a Section 31 Shadow Operative, one of the organization's best. Not that most people knew that, of course--aside from his superiors, the only people who knew Tieria was Section 31 were those he revealed himself to. Fleet Captain Yamato and his crew were among the select few Tieria had chosen to include in the "in the know" category, and he knew to keep it a secret. In fact, Yamato was Special Forces, meaning that Tieria would often end up working with Yamato on missions which required a little brute force.

"A privelege, sir" Jarus responded.

He motioned towards Orr, who had stood silently while introductions took place, "My First Officer, Commander Orr. It would appear that we have arrived early, do we know if any other ships have responded?"
"Not yet, Captain," Tieria replied, "but I'm hoping for at least two more. I get the feeling we'll need the numbers for this mission."

"I wouldn't be surprised if we did get another couple of ships, Tieria," Alex said. "After all, you did send out an anonymous summons. People will come, if for no other reason than to satisfy their curiosity as to what's going on."

"You're probably right, Alex," Tieria said as he took a seat at the head of the Briefing Table.

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