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so i've been playing stargate resistance alot the past couple days and there is a game cryptic should play, the system lords kicks ass at close combat and direct translation to what klingons SHOULD at least resemble (or ultimately actually be)

the humans are long ange and defensive specialists.. exactly what fed's should be. .. the gorund combat is soo butter smooth.. third person the way fed v klinks SHOULD be... but AREN'T.

i am going to be playing startrek a lot .. ALOT LESS now that stargate is out and actually has it right. cryptic, i enjoy the space battle's of startrek so if you can at least come close to stargate you'll have me back as at least a part-timer.. depending on how good you get it. and i know i'm not alone in this boat, almost all startrek fans are stagate fans too, and that game is way better.

they've also done something that STO players have been asking for.. for a long time now we've been asking to battle for either planets/systems/ or sectors and in stargate resistance the entire game is based on that.. every battle assigned and rewards control points, right now i'm battling on 3 different planets, including stargate command on earth.. now i don't expect you to let the klinks run around san fransisco.. but let us battle for planets and sector space, PLEASE.. put it in the PVP system.. do it points style the same way resistance has one it, it's the perfect system for what THIS game's fans have been asking for since launch!!!

when i first started playing this game, i was disapointed and said i was playing this until stargate was released.. then people wrote to me and said that they would too but they went bankrupt.. guess what, there's more than one stargate game and this one is up and running.

for the sake of your game, and my enjoyment take some time, play stargate resistance and revamp the ground combat system. i mena come on, you can't even make bo's use bat'leths!! there's are a thousand games that made party member use ranged and melee +skill/buffs all flawlessly.. baulders gate, dungeon siege, ultima, ETC ETC ETC .. every game that used party systems since computers had turbo buttons for an amazing 33mhz boost!!! ..... the jump in technology, program code, number of skilled programmers are all way too high for you to be beaten by 20 year old games. IT IS PATHETIC.

go play the game all your subscribers are leaving you for... and then revamp the system. this is CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM, so any haters, flammers, trollers... you can't be happy with the ground combat in STO, nor the purpose of it... and you haven't played SG:resistance.. so don't knock it.. if STO had anything like it, it would be game of the year.. but it doesn't and there's no excuse.. it's just BULLSH** , and people should be fired (if it were my company i'd be ashamed)

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