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# 1 Why Are Queue Never Right?
04-25-2010, 11:45 AM
I've never been in a PvP queue that was correct.

If in a queue on the Fed side there's always way more Klings in the actual arena.

If in a queue on the Kling side there's always way more Feds in the actual arena.

Just went into what looked to be a balanced area to find myself against a full team from the opposing side.

Common or is this just a another bug I've been blessed with?
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# 2
04-25-2010, 12:22 PM
Pretty common. Joining a group of 4 other random pugs and queuing together provides a good bit of defense against this (sometimes the game will still decide 2 of you need to join a completely separate match.)

The less popular maps (anything but cracked planetoid and capture and hold) also tend to have this problem more, I think. People will see the queue for cracked planetoid become available, join it, but they're still queued for solar wind, which they didn't really want to join anyway. Their faction starts with 1 less player when solar wind becomes available. (At least, I believe that's how it works.)

Also, the 5-player minimum capture and hold starts at 5, then fills to 10, so if one faction has more players waiting, things can get unbalanced really fast.
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# 3
04-25-2010, 12:25 PM
It happens more than you would think.

I was in a Capture and Hold the other night where the game decided that 7 on 3 was balanced and didn't bring any other people to my side until we had like 50 points left, THEN filled my side.

The code needs work.

What concerns me is the change where people cannot enter after a certain period of time. With a code making mistakes like this, it could be a real problem soon.
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# 4
04-25-2010, 01:47 PM
Thanks for the replies. At least now I know it's not just I hope they find a fix as I really enjoy PvP when the numbers are even close to equal. 10v2 just isn't a lot of fun no matter which side of the equation you are on.

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