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04-25-2010, 08:05 PM
I'm not sure how the game is supposed to detect the physique of the PLAYER...
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04-25-2010, 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by bigfeef
Actually, the broken mechanics I'm referring to are not targeting related... I have absolutely no problem targeting players no matter what their height. The problem I have is that the only way to melee these 2-foot characters is to crouch; otherwise that rifle-butt goes right over their head and does nothing.

I can't count the times that some 2-footer has run right up to me and there's actually absolutely nothing I can do to clear them out of there unless I use rifle-butt while crouching; which is not a very viable tactic to use while in PvP. Also, you can forget trying to melee them with a bat'leth; not gonna happen. I've tested this over-and-over again and it's not some failing on my part... you just can't hit them. This is why I no longer queue for ground PvP matches as their loaded with 2-footer on both sides.
Have not seen that issue....

But I don't melee, and crouch to shoot (more damage that way), I can rifle-butt shorties just fine.

I guess it doesn't hurt that my toon is only 5'10", how tall is your toon?
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04-26-2010, 05:34 PM
sorry to get back so late on this- been busy in rl... but my main idea for this is to make the game seem more lifelike- true customization is just customization, but if the game took it to the next level and you based your character around what you plan on doing in the game itself. It would indeed add an edge to combat along with the points that we assign to our expertise and the attributes we choose when we make the character. Since there is a vast majority of customization in the game, it would be neat to see this not just another MMO where you can make a fat, short, slow, hotpants wearing calamari (ppl from swg know what im talking about ) can pwn in pvp.

All customization from the thickness from your brows to the bulk of your arms should give your character some advantage, along with the disadvantages that come with it. No matter how small or big of a difference it will make. Just a thought
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04-27-2010, 12:46 AM
As a programmer, I can tell you from now how much of a nightmare that would be to code. While cool; it's just not going to be something we see anytime soon in games.

And to Soupgoblin: try going melee against a 2-footer sometimes; count how many times your riflebutt/palmstrike actually connects with them while you're standing. Better yet, try stringing melee combos on them (even when disabled or held) with a bat'leth or hand-to-hand. You will then see what I'm talking about. And the heights of my characters are 5'10" (shortest) to 6'2" (tallest).

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