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--- Lunenians ---
How to make a Lunenian is Star Trek Online... A Mundane Guide...

This is my write up so anyone wishing to make another one of this species can create the template for their BO or their own character... Please post your creations, it'll be cool to see...

Lunenians Have...

Sleak Features, High Mouth Protrusion, Sharp Chins, They are thin athletic build and of medium height.

Jem'Hadar Nose
Bony Ridges 04 - Slider 2/3 of the way to Full...
Tellerite Ears 01 or 02
Catlike Eyes - Green, Blue, Red, or Orange
Spen Coloring (Normal Skin Color) - No Bump or Depression
Hands are Bony Claws (Claw Color is Black or Brown)

Skin Color / Hair Color Spectum:
This Ranges from...
Rare: Bright Red Orange Skin, Dark Green Hair
Common: Burgundy Skin, Dirty Blonde Hair
Common: Deep Purple, Silver Hair
Rare: Dark Blue, Light Magenta Hair




Historically a tree dwelling race; however they use modern technology and have a culture based upon honor and the way of the warrior. Due to brief but bloody conflicts with the Klingon empire, the Lunenians who are usually isolationists, have joined the federation; bringing hundreds of thousands of fresh Lunenian recruits to starfleet in 2408 and 2409, all eager to do their part to fight their people's nemesis.

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