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"Hand me that wrench". Krenn passed it over. The bodyguard that security had assigned looked on nervously. The rabbit turned and looked to the guard. "Yo ridge brain. If you can't breath a little quieter, yer gonna have to go." The security Bekk visibly paled at the rabbits words. Krenn studyed the rabbit for a moment. Long soft ears, over all a pale cream of not overly long length and what looked to be a luxuriant texture, with a large black spot over and around one eye. In its right hand his held a large, particulary sharp type of folding blade knife known to terrans as a switch blade. Krenn had never seen a knife quite like it. In the other hand? Paw? it held the wrench that Krenn had previously handed it. After the training excercise earlier on the holo deck the crew had been radiating a feeling of profound respect and no small amount of fear towards the creature. Certainly Lieutenant Vol who commanded the IKV Death Blossom apparently thought so. She had remarked that even Tribble of Borg exibited a fear reaction around it.

"Ummm" he inquired politly. "Do you have a name?". The rabbit finished the splice it was working on and tucked the bits and pieces of console back into the cabinet. Krenn noted rather neatly. It then shoved the console of some 11 times Krenn's mass back into place against the far wall and used the wrench to fasten the hold downs back into place. "Yea, I got a name.". Krenn couldn't help him self. The utter self assured audacity of the creature amused him so. He roared with hearty laughter. And that the creature was certainly able in combat had its proof. Krenn slapped his knee asking quite formally "Would the one be permitted to know this name that the one could addres you corectly." Krenn lited a single finger in emphisis. "The one can not help but be certain that addressing you as hey rabbit might be deemed insulting. Insulting is a bad idea around you it is noted." Krenn placed his hands on his knees.

The Rabbit jumped to the top of the console and punched some buttons for a moment. A panel opened and the rabbit reached in and connected the transtator. The panel flipped down by its self and the ready lights lit up blue on the display. "Coffee with a shot of Taquila and mexican cocoa. No whipped cream, one quarter liter cup, inculated." The console hummed and the item ordered materialized on the dilivery plate. The Rabbit turned and jumped to Krenn's desk. He landed but spilled not a drop of what ever it was in the cup. Terran coffee he know, but he did not know this tequila. He pitched his voice towards the newly repaired and reprogrammed replicator. "Duplicate the previous order, my desk" A flash of transporter false light played in front of him as the drink materialized before him. The Rabbit stopped drinking and cocked his head sideways. Krenn reached out, picked up the cup and drank. "This is very good. Potent with a mix of strong flavors. Thank you for the recipie. Would you like a job as ships engineer? Or perhapes gunner?" The rabbit looked up from his drink. "Shoot things" He nodded. The ship mounts antiproton weaponry, a quartet of heavy cannon mounts forward, with a tricobalt device and a quantum torpedo launcher, a mine dispensor and a pair of anti proton turrets cover the rest of her weapons. The forward cannon gunner also controls the helm in combat."

"Ok, I'll try it. But you gotta turn my buddy Sluggy into a warrior. Oh, and you cant kill him. Only I get to do that. Not even by accident." Krenn pulled at his beard for a moment. "We can try. A number of warriors do die in training. Unusually not by accident. It is usually termination by a leader for failure to not instantly follow commands. It is the Klingon way." The Rabbit took another pull of his drink. "You can smack him around a bit. Don't worry, he can take it." Krenn set his drink on the desk with a slight sigh. "We will try, but I make no promises that we will be able to turn him in to a warrior. But he does have the potential of being a good officer. He will not be permitted to die." The Rabbit rubbed it hands? paws? together and replyed. "This could be entertaining. Ok
Klingon, we have a deal." a bark of laughter broke from Krenn. Warrior. My name is Krenn. I am properly addressed as ..Captain.. outside of these quarters. My orders will be obeyed instantly. If you fail to obey an order of mine during battle only utter victory will save you from death. This is also the Klingon way. You may still refuse."

The Rabbit set its drink aside and walked across Krenn's desk "And if I want a ship and crew of my own?" Krenn looked on the rabbit levelly. "If you are that good, we will get you a ship and crew of your own. This one is mine, and it is a good one" The rabbit actually looks like it was smilling. "And if Vol and her away team is any example Klingon babes can be really hot." Krenn reached up behind his chair and brought down the terran remington 12 guage pump shotgun had aquired uncounted decades before. H e worked the slide and pointed it at the rabbit. "That just happens to be my daughter. And just so you know. The Klingon have some other traditions you might need to know about that are much like those of the region on Earth known as Appalachia on the north american continent." The Rabbit froze. Krenn smiled. "You should come to a family party some time when we welcome in a new inlaw." The Rabbit started laughing.. "Ok, Ok Captain Krenn. You win. My name is Bun Bun."

(Caracter used with out permissionof the author of Sluggy Freelance.. The little switch blade wielding rabbit made me ..ah..ow, ow, easy with the knife.......)
Lt. Commander
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04-26-2010, 03:37 AM
you honor me, by placing me in your story

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