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# 1 5v5 turns in to 5v10?
04-26-2010, 10:58 AM
Five times now have I entered a 5v5 match, and am extremely careful that it is a 5v5 match and not a 10v10 match to find myself in a 5v10 match. On a good day it will be a 10v10 match, but the point is I did not sign up for a 10v10. I signed up for a 5v5.

This is happening on the Capture and Hold Maps that are FvF. This seriously needs to be addressed. PvP on those maps are no fun if you only have 3 to 5 players on your side and they have 10 players on theirs. It becomes pointless to even try because your side will stand no chance in hell no matter how good you are. It becomes a totally one sided match, the side who is enjoying the team with ten players take no notice and most likely don't care because they are having too much fun blowing the hell out of everything they see. So I wouldn't expect them to leave the zone or anything to even things up, why should they, not every day you get to just completely dominate a zone like that.

Seriously, I don;t want to run these anymore until these maps are fixed, but unfortunately I have to at times because it is part of my daily. This needs to be added to the priority list of bug fixes. When I choose a 5v5 match, I want a 5v5 match. 10v10 matches leave too much room for players to choose not to enter which happens far too often. So it ends up being a one sided match almost every time.

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