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Greetings Klingon Defense Force Fleets!

We are beginning a new initiative here at PWE, and we are calling on you to submit your fleets activities and recruitment drives to us in order for us to help promote and encourage Fleet participation within the STO Community.

We want to know about your Fleet's regular events, your anniversary celebrations, your recruitment drives, your weekend event runs, your plans for our seasonal events and much more!

Submit your Fleet's activities here, in this thread with the following info:

  • Fleet Name:
  • Link to image of Fleet Logo:
  • General Theme (if any):
  • Title of your event/activity:
  • Recruitment Status:
  • Website link (if any):
  • Goal for this submission:

Get this information to us, and we will be able to help promote you and your fleets in an ongoing new plan we will be introducing across our media outlets. Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter and Livestreams! Bringing more traffic to your sites and posts to help with your membership drives, and to bring our players more information on new fleets they may want to join to help them find new ways to play STO, and new friends to play along side.

Join us to celebrate the great fleets we have in Star Trek Online and become a part of our Official Community Team!

See you in-game!

Trevor "CaptainSmirk" | Community Manager
Follow us on Twitter: @trekonlinegame | "Like" us on Facebook
Follow me on Twitter: @PWECaptainSmirk
If you wish to speak to someone on the community team, please file a "Forums and Website" support ticket here.

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# 2 The Vine Coalition!~
08-07-2014, 02:38 PM
The Vine is a coalition of currently a group of about 20, friendly fleets of multi-factions. We are looking for other fleets who are interested in becoming a member of our Coalition. If your fleet would like to apply for membership, or if you would be interested in hearing more, please mail me @yackaree in game.
Hope to hear from you soon!~

The Vine Staff!~
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# 3 Alliance of Phoenixes
08-07-2014, 02:45 PM
Fleet Name: Phoenix Fire

Link to image of Fleet Logo: WIP

General Theme (if any): Fun (PvP, PvE, etc)

Title of your event/activity: Alliance Awareness

Recruitment Status: Open Recruiting

Website link (if any): http://alliance-of-the-phoenix.guildlaunch.com/

Goal for this submission: Raising awareness of a larger community
Empire Veteran
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# 4
08-07-2014, 02:57 PM
Fleet Name: Ferasan Shadow Force

Link to image of Fleet Logo: https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net...16150779_n.jpg
General Theme (if any): Ferasan themed

Title of your event/activity: No general events. Mainly hang out and play together.

Recruitment Status: Must have a Ferasan character.

Website link (if any): https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net...16150779_n.jpg

Goal for this submission: Help bring in some new players to a unique fleet.
King of Lions rawr! Protect the wildlife of the world. Check out my foundry series Perfection and Scars of the Pride.
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# 5
08-07-2014, 07:15 PM
As a continuation of Ashkrik's post.

Fleet Name: Ferasan Shadow Force

General Theme (if any): The fleet is Ferasan-only. As far as I know, FSF is the only all-Ferasan fleet.

Title of your event/activity: We don't really have general events. Also note that we never use the Fleet chat. We use an all-faction channel called CatPhone, so you can still chat while using your Starfleet character(s). If you need to run an STF, or nearly any other mission, you can post something in chat.

Recruitment Status: We always welcome new members. But you must have a Ferasan character, and all fleet invites are done in person to confirm your species. So we can confirm species, expect a bridge or starbase invite, unless you just so happen to already be at the same location. I myself am an Alpha, and I usually take care of the promotions. Should you manage to catch me in-game, my @handle is the same as my forum name (@lindaleff).

Website link (if any): We don't have a website. Instead, we use this thread for all of our communication, and general chat.

Goal for this submission: To give a home to Ferasans throughout the Alpha/Beta Quadrants.

Additional information: For a bit of history, Commodore Bob wrote a very intriguing blog about FSF. I highly suggest you take a moment to read it!

Fleet Holdings: Currently, our Starbase is all Tier 4. Our Dilithium Mine and Embassy are both fully Tier 3. And our Spire is currently working on the Tier 3 Operations upgrade, which will then allow us to begin work on upgrading the Spire itself to Tier 3.

I successfully completed a 2-man CSE, ISE, and KASE.
My Ship Builds: USS Conqueror, HMS Victorious, HMS Concord, ISS Queen Elizabeth, Black Widow III

Click here to view my DeviantArt.

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# 6
08-07-2014, 07:54 PM
Fleet Name: House of Beautiful
Link to image of Fleet Logo: you mean the one generated in-world? http://houseofbeautiful.org/img/HoB_logo.png
General Theme (if any): Lone-wolves that primarily play KDF.
Title of your event/activity: TBA
Recruitment Status: Open recruitment. While we are not actively recruiting, we do take on new members. Any current member may invite. There is no 'application' process.
Website link (if any): HouseOfBeautiful.org
Goal for this submission: Its hard to say as we arent aware of what we are even being considered for.
Additional info: House of Beautiful is the second t5 fleet of the Beautiful 'brand'. We arent a lesser counterpart to a fed fleet. We are not farming alts, We are kdf mains.
Join us in our global channel 'House of Beautiful'.
free jkname
HouseOfBeautiful.org | /channel_join House of Beautiful
free t5 access for all!! | /channel_join NoP Public Service

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Fleet Name: Order of the Watchmen

General Theme (if any): We are a RP heavy fleet. We are filled with good people who enjoy having fun. However, if you are just interested in good company without the RP, we have a space for you.

The basic RP premise we are working with, is that we are a somewhat secret order that is dedicated to certain principles. It's almost a Bushido-like code, where we believe as warriors we are superior to other classes, but have a duty towards lower classes. If your character doesn't uphold these values, they are considered a contact (ie, a smuggler we use for our operations etc.), but still have full access to the fleet. Our ultimate goal is to drive out the corruption in the Empire, and lead warriors back to the path of True Honor as laid out by Kahless the Unforgettable.

We have weekly RP sessions, Recently just finished a story arc where we defeated a Rebel Gorn Uprising. Before that we waged war with the remanants of Torg who dared try to raise an army to invade the Empire. Currently we are having some casual missions against the Borg, but a storyline is in development for facing against the Undine.

Recruitment Status:
Actively looking for any Role-Players out there that want a fun, easy going Klingon Fleet.

Website link (if any): http://orderofthewatchmen.shivtr.com/

Goal for this submission: To raise awareness for our fleet of course. It's hard to find good rp fleets, especially on the Klingon side. Our Goal is to change that, and make our fleet a cool place for rp'ers of any level to have fun both IC and OOC.

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# 8 44th Assault Squadron
08-08-2014, 04:26 AM
(Re-post from Fed side)

Fleet Name:
44th Fleet (Fed)/ 44th Assault Squadron (KDF)

Fleet Logo:

General Theme:
Active since STO's Beta, the 44th is a casual, 18+ PVE / PVP fleet with US, Canadian and European members.

Numerous in-game PVE / PVP fleet events.

Recruitment Status:
Selected invites with a 1 month probation (due to -nearly- maxing out the 500-member roster).


Goal for this submission:
Raise awareness of the 44th Fleet (Fed) and it's KDF sister fleet the 44th Assault Squadron.
Both fleets are T5 with T3 embassy, mine and spire each. They also share a common chat channel and as such the 44th Fed and 44th KDF operate as a de-facto single fleet (thank you Armistice ).
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# 9
08-08-2014, 03:41 PM
Fleet Name: United Federation of Planets
Link to image of Fleet Logo: https://ufplanets.com/ufp/images/log...2014-240px.png
General Theme (if any): Star Trek Community
Title of your event/activity: We offer a wide range of events and activities for our community members to take part in. From PVEs, PVPs and STFs to teamspeak events and a tri-monthly award ceremony, the United Federation of Planets offers a wide range of STO and social events; in addition to a community devoted to conversation and discussion on STO and all things trek. Through the House of Kular, we can offer an honorable Klingon division for discussion and events.
Recruitment Status: Open to all people of any age and location
Website link (if any): https://ufplanets.com/
Goal for this submission:

One of the main goals of our community is to be a Star Trek fan's greatest experience on the internet. Are goal is to provide the ultimate fan club, without the fees, without the fuss and without the cliche mistakes.

The goal of this submission is to help grow the awareness of our community further, to attract some new enthusiastic members and to offer them support and friendship.
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# 10 Banished Orion Girls
08-09-2014, 03:42 PM
Fleet Name: Banished Orion Girls

Link to image of Fleet Logo: logo is the fleet patch in game, don't have a link to it

General Theme (if any): We are a tight knit family of friends and sisters, we help with each other
with builds, pve, pvp, overall just getting better at the game. (no drama we don't like drama queens)

Title of your event/activity: pve, pvp, light RP, We also listen to subspace radio, kirtang pirate radio etc to take a break and socialize, and party.

Recruitment Status: Open to orion females only (18+)

Website link (if any): http://hobog.guildportal.com

Goal for this submission: To get new people to join us and to be a home on the klingon side for all the lonely orions that need a home.

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