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# 1 Another annoying bug.
04-26-2010, 02:43 PM
So, I'm doing my big fun daily B'tran cluster mission. I get a ground mission, kill enemy squads, Borg. Ok, no problem. My bridge crew, which usually takes out the squads in 2-3 minutes, (all purple gear, blue weapons, buffing tribbles), gets wiped out fairly quickly. I check their status' and notice, every single one of them currently has 0.0% regeneration rate, 0.0% crit chance, 0.0% crit severity, and 0.0% to all resistances. I pained my way through this mission, which took about 45 minutes. Get another mission, ground mission. Delete, another, ground mission. Kept pulling ground missions till I finally said f it and beamed down. SAME THING. My whole crew has 0 stats with the above mentioned all purple gear, and this is a really annoying bug. So, Ive been home from work for 3 hours now and just managed to complete my daily. Why am I so upset over this? I'm not really, but I'm pretty annoyed. Especially when things like death penalty are looming on the horizon, (yes I know that its going to be based on the difficulty). With bugs like this happening in the game, and people pushing for things to be harder, does not give me a positive outlook for the future of this game.

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