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I was participating in a Cracked Planetoid FvK match when after a hit and run I tried to escape. I hit evasive maneuvers and brace for impact but I was caught in a tractor beam and gravity well I believe. Anyway, once the team I was on cleared out the other team and I survived the attack I noticed the problem.

At full thruster power I couldn't go anywhere. It looked like I just kept bouncing back. Once I hit full impulse I could go forward but incredibly slowly and once I dropped out of impulse, regardless of the direction I was facing it always kept drawing me back to the same point.

It was a spot above the abandoned star base, between that and one of the chunks of planet. Graphically I was not within 10-15k of anything which is what makes this different from the other times I've been stuck in the surroundings.

Anyway, not really sure what I expect to come from this but I thought I'd make it known. Thanks. ^^

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