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04-27-2010, 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by Lonomahin View Post
No, because of reason number 7.

I liked the movie as a movie, but can't stand what they did with the story.

A game set in the new timeline means ... you tell your own story. I don't get it. The stories the game tells wouldn't be locked into anything. The movie happened. It's point A on a graph. All the stuff from a game set in that timeline would be points B, C, D and so on.
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04-27-2010, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
yup yup at least initially and I suspect most trekkies would. We have been buying garbage ST games for better than a decade and will continue to do so in hopes of the one gem that gets it right.
I could probably come up with a decent game if people would be willing to pay me a lot of money and give me a lot of time to do it in.
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04-27-2010, 03:05 PM
1. Faction Schools - This would be where you learn the game, and you pick your profession of choice. You would even learn to fly shuttles here.

that sounds interesting, basically a more cadet version of a tutorial stage i guess.
2. No Starship Command until Captain - This would return the Captain's chair to a special place, and would have you focus more of your career path.
3. Your Career - Tactical, Engineering, Science, Medical, and Command.
4. Duty Station - Where you spend most of your time, but limited too. The Run-a-bot is your best friend.

i've lumped these three into one because i don't like them all for the same reason. This would force me to be doing things that other players are telling me to do rather than being able to do whatever i wanted. If i wanted that experience i'd go to work and get paid for it. For duty station in particular there's no way i'd accept having a sizeable portion of my playtime taken up standing at a duty station. IMO it's a waste to have all that universe created just to spend most of your time staring at a wall panel.
5. Jobs and mini-games - Example of this would be the transporter room lockon, and trying to hold a moving target. All mini-games would be tied to your career, and become harder at higher ranks.

if i want to play pipedream i'll play pipedream, i don't want to be forced into some mini game just so my toon can press a few buttons. keep minigames to recreational activities like dabo, kal'toh or 3d chess and i'll be happy.
6. Military or CIV - You would pick your path at the start of the game, but could switch if you wanted to later. CIVs would have more of the Crafting and Trade in the game.

again, interesting, i could certainly see myself going down a civilian path with the way you're describing the military path.
7. New Timeline - It would be 10 years after the events of Nero.

To be more precise about my previous statement i didn't mind the latest trek movie but there's no way i'll play an MMOG thats set there. I'm more likely to play TOR than a STO2 in the new timeline simply because i'm more emotionally invested in that fictional universe as i've had more exposure to it. give the new universe another five movies and a series or two and i'll get back to you on that.
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04-27-2010, 03:31 PM
They would have to really to step up their game for me to sign up for an STO 2.

I'd want

1. A complete game, no shortcuts to earn extra cash

2. Massive planetary cities and environments

3. Fully-functioning ship interiors

4. Completely revamped ground combat...perhaps even in FPS style

5. Content out of the wazoo....
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04-27-2010, 03:53 PM
I definitely would, but I'm a sucker for anything Star Trek...

Oh, and it has to have Khan in it... Star Trek wouldn't be the same without Khan.
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04-27-2010, 04:05 PM
You had me on everyone one of them... until number 7. I won't play any games set in the alternate timeline.
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04-27-2010, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by Darkjedi View Post
You had me on everyone one of them... until number 7. I won't play any games set in the alternate timeline.
Yay I'm not alone.
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04-27-2010, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by Sir_Cedric View Post
I was thinking about this, and IMO it chould work. Now I am not saying junk STO now, or saying I don't like this game. This is just what I think about from time to time. lol That and what type of pizza I want on a Friday night. lol

Now would you play STO2 if................

1. You had to go thought the ranks starting with a faction school? ( Klingon Hunting grounds, Star Fleet Academey. etc etc. )

2. You didn't get a ship to command until you gained the rank of Captain? (But you can work at a station on the ship until then.)

3. Your Career had you doing jobs around a player or NPC ship?

4. You got to pick if you wanted to be stationed on a Planet, Star Base in space, or a Star Ship?

5. Each Job you did made you do a mini-game, figure out a quzzle, or had you crafting something useful to be used later?

6. You could pick to be in the Military or CIV life?

7. It was set in the New Movies timeline?

So mainly STO2 in my mind would be far different from what we see now, but would you play that game too? Just things I wonder about while at work. lol
I could do 1 if it was the tutorial.

2,3, and 7 would be a good way to loose a customer (namely, me). I bought this game to have my own ship, not play second banana to an NPC. And 7...the new movie was good but I want to play in the Star Trek timeline, not Abrams Trek timeline.

4 and 6 I would pick what we have now, ship and 'military', so to me those choices would be completely pointless and a waste of programming time.

Choice 5 I could live if it was like 'do this minigame to fix the warp core'. Add ons to missions to break up the tap spacebar to win or plink away in ground combat or click five glowies.
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04-27-2010, 04:21 PM
Q1. You had to go thought the ranks starting with a faction school? ( Klingon Hunting grounds, Star Fleet Academey. etc etc. )

A. The original concept of STO (when it was in Purpetual's hands) was that if you started as a Human you went to Starfleet Academy, which was basically a tutorial section where at the end you were given a small ship (similar to a runabout / delta flyer) and released upon the galaxy. While as other races you didn't, no doubt as they were unlocked after first playing as a human and graduating.

While I do like the concept of a "Faction School", it would be nice I think it should be an aspect that is optional to do at any point of the game as a primer to entering Starfleet, Klingon Imperial Command or Romulan Navy. As a means of giving more specialist training which you leave the "School" with for your character.

This said in a typical MMO design, yeah it makes sense for it to effectively be a tutorial section more than anything else... but that said why would STO2 have to follow "typical" MMO traditional gameplay elements?

Q2. You didn't get a ship to command until you gained the rank of Captain? (But you can work at a station on the ship until then.)

A. No, this doesn't even happen in real-life naval circumstances. While the Commanding Officer of a ship is called "Captain" this is regardless of actual rank as a way to prevent confusion as to who is actually in Command, but also as a form of tradition.

It is not unheard of for officers as low as Lt. Commander to be given their own command, as well as retain their command until they reach Vice Admiral. In the Star Trek universe unfortunately there is far more ambiguity conserning the roles of Officers, especially given Roddenberry originally had based Starfleet off of the British Navy akin to 17th Century who at the time were the largest naval power while exploring unknown new territories (from a European standpoint)

Unfortunately along the way, (in-fact I believe it was during the movies) the whole standard of only a Captain may Captain a Starfleet Vessel... with previous ranks there for support, and later ranks there for desk jobs. Personally I've always truely hated that they did that, it really does make a mockery of the Naval establishments (US and British Navy) on which they are based given rank is literally there as a form of distinguishment as opposed to if you command a ship or not.

Now it was no doubt unintentional what Cryptic has done with STO where any Officer rank allows you to command a starship, but I for one feel this is a much better representation, albeit a happy mistake by renaming the character levels as ranks.

Q3. Your Career had you doing jobs around a player or NPC ship?
A. While on paper is quite an interesting concept and for those who really revel in truely immersive role-playing, the problem is that most people would rather simply get down to having some fun. When you're tied to someone else that is difficult to achieve unless you both/all want to do the same thing... might end up with more than a few players falling out or even mutanies on your hands.

Allowing people to play on other peoples ships is definately a cool concept, it's just the practise that would make it extremely difficult... especially if you can't simply leave again, as well as the person who is actually in command having less physical control. I mean look at it this way, if you've ever played a game like Gears of War or Counter-Strike online with voice chat to your team mates; it is cool when you die being able to help them out by checking the map and directing them but you're still sat there just waiting for the next round where you can participate as well.

Yet in Star Wars Battlefront or Halo, where you can have a friend be an additional gunner in a vehicle it can be alot of fun. Thing is again you have the freedom to team up, or go off on your own... perminant posting so to speak would limit that said freedom.

Q4. You got to pick if you wanted to be stationed on a Planet, Star Base in space, or a Star Ship?

A. You would need game mechanics specifically to make sure that these postings are enjoyable. If the game was designed and built in a way that you could focus more on a given style of gameplay that matched more how you prefer to play then this would work well, but if it didn't then this would just mean no one would really choose any other post than a starship captain.

The thing is this would require some quite dramatic changes to gameplay, as well as far more work going in to how missions/jobs are designed and provided to the player. It could work, but again this all assumes that everyone wants to be strictly limited to such a military based career with postings and such.

Q5. Each Job you did made you do a mini-game, figure out a quzzle, or had you crafting something useful to be used later?

A. If that job required a specific mini-game, then no... just no. Mini-game mechanics work if they're intrinsic and involved to the task you want to do that second and can make really simply things more enjoyable; such-as Hacking, Lock-picking, Repairing, etc. where completion can rest less on simply waiting N Seconds for Task A to be completed provided you have Skill X but rather on doing a little challenge regardless of skill.
The reward for doing these mini-games though should rather than simply getting harder, they should be difficult based on what you're trying to do; and your skill in doing that job should make them easier to accomplish.

Q6. You could pick to be in the Military or CIV life?

A. While I like this concept, the question really should be what are the rewards or benefits of each?
Personally I think the "Faction Career" should really dictact the missions you're provided with and give you a reason to want to be with that faction over another.

A good example of faction gameplay is that found in Elite 2 Frontier, as you were free at any given time to choose if you wanted to work for either the Federation or Empire; but doing so obviously would gradually earn you mistrust even a criminal record in the others territory... working for either made you a bigger target for Pirates in the Independant systems who disliked both.

Although I think once you've signed up for a given factions "military" career so to speak, it should then have you stuck there until you choose to quit (with reprocussions) there should be options to work for them outside of a military capacity in a Mercenary one. Also should you do this, there really should be more involved missions for that given side which you wouldn't see outside of military service making it an interesting path for those who choose it; but not have the strictly limited aspects you'd normally find.

Q7. It was set in the New Movies timeline?

A. I think doing so while there is only a single movie, would be good from the stand-point of well you can really do anything with the "future" making it far better setting on the whole... and while much of the actual technology (to me atleast) seems far cooler, I just can't get over how stupid the Alternative Timeline Enterprise look ... yeah I know it was suppose to be "a hotrod TOS Enterprise" but to me it looks far too flimsy and ugly as sin on the outside.

In my eyes, while the Sovereign gives us an Enterprise that looks beautiful there is literally only one Era that to me makes perfect sense to set an MMO in.

2161, with the Birth of the Federation... as during this time there are large scale conflicts with both the Klingons and Romulans, Warp 7 ships were just launching, the majority of the Quadrant was still unexplored as well as the introduction of the Heavy Cruiser design. Plus there is actually far more information concerning ALL of the space faring races is available.

There is literally an 80 year period of Federation history between it's birth and TOS, where there is absolutely no strict time on things that happen or even information on how they happened. As well as due to so few canon records, meaning that really it is a huge gap where ANYTHING could happen.

Sure it would mean you couldn't have certain races (like the Hirogen, Dominion, etc..) but Legacy (which can loosely be considered cannon) does allow for the Borg, albeit less advanced than they are 300-ish years in the future that STO is set.

To me that makes far more sense as it keeps it within the Prime Timeline, without physically damaging any of it.
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04-27-2010, 04:36 PM
Quick thought on the command.

Ya, you don't get command of a capitol ship until captain, but there are many commands out there that are run by lower ranking officers. Ok, so the progression wouldn't match real world per se (but hey what does in the Star Trek universe?) but you could start out on system patrol boats and work up from there. Heck, I'd like the current equivilent of a Saladin, rather than a nearly 2 century old cruiser design.

And if an enemy cruiser warped in, you run, the starting ships able to take out high tier ships is crap and one of the biggest problems I have with STO, annoys more than the lack of 3d movement. If there is an enemy within one sector of Sol it better be one bad a** m... well, you know... not a pansy able to be aced by a rank newbie.

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