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Jshign if I come into a ton of money, I will look you up. lol

Ok I see a few of you don't like the mini-game idea. That's cool, after all it's an idea. lol Maybe it would be small missions you need to do, and when your at the stations it's when the ship is entering or leaving different places. Then the Captain will give you asssignments to do.

Example #1

Ensign (name), go help in engineering, Commander Smith needs help with the warp core.

Once in Engineering, Commander Smith gives you a few jobs to do to help aline the Warp Core. If you do a good job, then you gain max XP, average job gets avageage XP, and poor job gets very low XP. The jobs I had in mind as mini-games would have you in a timed event, and you would move chips around like in the show, and get different beams to alined in the proper pattern.

After a few rounds in engineering, you get the use a shuttle, and do a few missions using a type 1 shuttle. After this you would gain the rank of LT. Commander, and get better duty missions to do. Each upgrade will give you better equipment and shuttles to operate.

Example #2

As a Commander rank, You will be head of all Away teams, and you will be given command control of the bridge, when the Captain isn't there. You would give asignments to other crewmen, and send them off on away misions. Be it ground or space, and how you set the team will determine if they pass or fail the mission. There points for completing a mission would be give to a bank of points for you, along with other points you gain from other jobs you do on the ship, until finally you get your own Capital Ship to command.

One of the major points of this idea is to focus most of the gameplay inside the ship, and not so much outside the ship. Sure it's cool to have space battles, but you do lose something when your doing nothing be fighting all the time.

Example #3

Captain of your 1st ship. You would be sent to whatever space dock where your ship is, and you can pick from a set number of ships to use. Once you do, you can get a tour of the outside of your ship, with cool music, as you check it out for the 1st time, then go inside to get it ready to leave. Your 1st trip from space docck should have all the bells and whistles to make the event a special day. After all it's your ture 1st command. And of course with your 1st command you get a distress call, and you have to answer it, cause your the only ship in range.

As long as you in that chair, you can make a diffence, never let them take you out of it. Not even for a RA5 ranking. lol

The CIV path is one I been asking for since day 1. It would give you the option of Trader, Crafter, Scavengers and Mercenary.

Traders are the freighter guys, and merchants on bases. They buy and sell anything.

Crafters of course are the makers of all things, but as non-military, their items are limited to a point.

Scavengers are the miners and scrape material dealers.

Mencenaries are the guns for hire.

I will add the CIVs would have two group, those that follow the law, and those who don't. It only adds to deeper game play.

One thing a game like this would need, and I agree with others. It needs a deep planetside area to explore. A game like SWG at least got that part right, even if the planets didn't have many players on it. But we don't need all the worlds to be deep, just a few key ones, and othes can have small areas to do missions in. It's one major thing STO is missing to me, and I really how it's fixed sooner vs later.

Does that fleash it out more?

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