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We have been around for 9 months now and started in closed beta 3 on the ariel server (in ****) at the 6th of july 2009. In this time we had some ups and downs (which fleet doesn't) some drama and some hugs. We have overcome all of this tho to have reached this mark. After 6-7 months a few of us decided to move away from **** (myself included) to setup tranquility here with decent success.

My personal background lies in l2 (have led a guild or two there, before the servers became flooded with bots and we decided to leave), eq2 (where i lead pickup raids, and at the time one of the very few to successfully clear most of the stuff we wanted to clear and was doable with randoms) and vanguard/CoH (didnt do much leading here). And ofcourse **** where i lead the guild before it became a fleet for a good 7 months.

Who we are

We are a fleet of people who want to have fun, we are not serious (except about being non serious) and try to help eachother out. Some of us have hardcore backgrounds (lineage 2 for example), while others are a bit more casual (ex-wow). There is a big over-binding factor between us though, besides the fun we all are keen to have, which is pie <3

Our goals are quite simple. We do not strive to be the best, the most hardcore or be an awsome family fleet who drops everything to do something for a certain member. We do not need to be the first, i mean yay we got bragging rights now about a kill woopsiefreekingdoo <3. We do however strive to be good (as in not jerks), be respected and have fun. This goes to show in raids (which we try to do on a regular base), instance runs (stf's), pvp and crafting (by feeding the crafters certain materials).


I personally hate drama in whatever form it may occur, if you cause drama in the guild you will be removed. No questions asked, as drama can break a guild up and we dont have any intention of letting that happen. Causing drama outside of the guild may or may not be tolerated, if people are being jerks they just got it coming. Having said that, if someone is being a jerk or start griefing people we will not hesitate to do the same as i do with people in a party that annoy me and kick the offending member.

I can't nor will i force the helpfull part but part of being the guild the way we want it to go does involve grouping for whatever, be it instances or raids or even sieges/mass pvp somewhere. Even tho people will not always want to group with you, we do intend to help everyone out as much as possible. This does include letting non guildies join us if we have a spot available for quests/instances if they need help. We just can not split into twenty personalities and help everyone at the same time, unfortunately.

We are organised quite simply, i have all rights and officers will have most rights. I am hoping more ranks will be added to the game that allows us to split up the fleet into the following ranks
Applicants (who will be accepted on trial base)
Members (who got accepted into the fleet
Senior members ("light" officers)
Senior Officers
Me as leader (ohh the horror <3)

Besides this the officers and me will hopefully make sure the atmosphere will remain lightheaded and non serious. Our officers also handle external and internal communication so if something is wrong or ya need help with something major they are there to be contacted .

All loot we can not use at the moment of acquirement (read raids) will be put in the fleet's warehouse and distributed to members who can use it or sold for money for the fleet.Basematerials etc would be appreciated as well in there to keep the crafters stocked, however we will not ask for people to drop in their stuff if they do not want too. Only officers and above can whitdraw loot from the fleet's warehouse.

We have acces to a members ventrillo atm and we will make use of it as long as we can


There are a small number of requirements we do ask from possible recruits:
Do not be a drama queen, if you are one, please do not even bother to apply and waste both our times.
Do not be overly sensitive, and with that i mean dont go all crazy if someone makes a silly remark about anything (this excludes racism, that just does not belong in a game)
Do not be a leech and expect everything to be done for you and have your hand held through the whole game. There is a difference between being new and needing help to learn how the game works (we all do) and wanting people to drop everything to help you get a quest done while they are busy.
Be at least remotely active on chat, we can understand if you can't speak on guildchat 100 percent of the time, but some chatter here and there does make the game feel so much more alive. If you are not you will be removed after 14 days (after the last online thing gets fixed), having said that if you do decide to come back (and we didn't kick you and remove you from the website) there will always be a spot for you.
Capable of following order's, i wont issue alot of them but when i do (or any of the officers) we do expect people to try and do what we ask
We have no minimum level currently.

And a last requirement, do not be to serious about the game. It is just a game, created to enjoy not to go mad over when something doesn't go your way.

Classes we need are:
Non, we can clear everything as is regardless of class setup. Having said that we most likely do have a spot for you

If you want to get to any of us, contact one of the following people ingame
@alyvian (EU)
@Klaven (US)
@barataz (EU)
@tychus_findly (EU)
@solatar (US)
@seven of eleven (asian/au)
@royalSloan (US)
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05-04-2010, 08:06 AM
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05-04-2010, 11:03 AM
bump bump bump
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05-04-2010, 11:03 AM
together we shall bump the bump
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05-05-2010, 07:23 AM
bumpi ibump byggmaker
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05-06-2010, 03:24 AM
ahh we can feel the love, even more so with the we shall come back weekend coming up

also passed the 320+ member mark
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05-20-2010, 02:53 PM
passed the 410+ mark
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06-02-2012, 03:25 PM
Just an update, as this thread is now two years old. Tranquility fleet is still alive and kicking. We have branched out to two aditional fleets, a second Fed fleet and a KDF fleet. We are actively recruiting and have a diverse membership from around the world and star trek universe. Come join the fun as we all gear up toward the major fleet expansion coming with season 6.
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# 9 Second Fed and Klingon fleet
08-01-2012, 03:43 PM
Who might we get a hold of to join these fleets?

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