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# 1 whatever happened
05-03-2010, 06:00 AM
hello peolpe

so i am wondering whatever happen to the federation ships that were concept art. Why are we being give skins and not real ships. I want a ship that we can be proud of to have bought/made. a ship that if you work in memory aplha, will allow us to build ship designs. I dont care about cryptics half ars designs. WWII mustang look alike escorts. I dont want skins. I WANT A REAL SHIP. I am sure many of you who are being fooled by cryptics words want real change in STO. Stop with this BS skin. The federation is modular so we should have the abillity to make our ships such as these

these are real conceptual designs i can say have merit. I also noticed that the federation designed their ships based upon safety first, fancy designs 4th. Your ship designers arent familair with federation design concepts. scotty and laforge would call you backwards and moronic to say the least. nacelles dont go that close to the ships hull for a few reason but one of them is something called radiation and the other, bassard collectors. we want ships that not only fire torpedoes but have functionality in them. If you are being lazy and think this is suppose to be like champions online, think again. wake up and smell the plasma leak before this ship blows up in your face. giving out perks wont keep peolpe. Doing this game right and actually reading the forums will. Its about bottom dollar. You listen to the star trek fans as well as mmo fan who actually are star trek simi fans who i def know have a star trek movie in their house lol and you will make big bucks in this game

1make ships functional not just costums we put on
2make memory alpha functional: we should have access to computers to see our progress duhhh.
3make the scan button functional: Star trek uses real scan functions not one button blue ring scan.
4Get dipolmatic: Even during the war the fedration was still looking for new life
5Get cannon: get into the reality of what it means to explore. watch TNG again and again until you understand exploration.
6 fix what is broken and stop coming up with crappy new content.
7 stop trying to fool the fan based, again we know way more then you about star trek. its evident in your concepts and design of star trek.
8 stop making fake worlds. we should be able to really explore a planet, take samples. those mondane things you think dont matter actually matter. if we can do them like really scan on a planet, actually be able to use a tricorder then we can learn as well as have fun.
9 stop wasting time on bridge packs. your not going to make any money by giving us junk, emotes skins, bridge packs. wtf is that. sell us a real ship. not some dam skin.
10. open up star trek really. federation ooficers should be able to use earth as well as other plenets of learning attributes. have side missions that further our knowledge base. the academy should be open, the vulcan science academy should be open. just to name a few ideas.

like i said alot of you should from cryptic should watch TNG, voyager, ds9 again and again and again. Trust me this will save your business. as far as im concern your failing in the star trek concept. trinkets wont keep you alive in this business. you will soon go the way of enterprise if you dont step up to the plate and make star trek online as it should be. a learning base to explore the unknown. Yes it is a game but it should be a game you learn from as the show. many things you can learn about and discover.
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# 2
05-03-2010, 10:33 AM
Ive bought nearly all the bridge packs. :p

And you do know that the devs are working on better systems, revamp of memory alpha, as well as diplomacy? :p
And frankly i like the ship system as is, my only regret is that i can't add a T3 or T4 escort skin to a T5. :p
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# 3 ok
05-03-2010, 11:24 AM
As you said these are skins, not real ships with different system types. we should be able to develop ship systems/ consol addons as being a captain via memory alpha. one example is the defiant. sisko developed it and as such added ablative armour to it. Starfleet didnt know about it hehehehe.

I am just saying that they drop the ball. the game is not a total fail but the devs are droping the prezies square you must admit. bridge packs are nice, but skins and emotes arent what make a ship. a ships functionality is as such. from TNG picard was always going over the functions of his ship as a captain should do. what are our BO doing while not in combat via a click of a button. simply nothing. they arent tunning our ship or doing experiements to get a better understanding of our ship systems. this is what gives the federation or for that matter any race in star trek its certain edge. being able to tweak technology. ohh look i press this button and scanning is just a blue or red ring going around with some light streaming from the ring if there is something in space. like i said this is not champions online where you can make things up. this is star trek where you have actual canon to go off of. They said they where listening to us but i dont think they are understanding us as the community.

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