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# 1 Batteries, improved?
04-29-2010, 12:00 PM
I was wondering if there might be a way to improve the use and utility of plain old batteries.

As it is, they clutter inventory, and ride in slots that are scarce on all ships.

They have rather long cooldowns, as well.

Now, I observe, that in the ship itself, power is basically power. You can adjust your ship's power balance however you'd like, within the limits, and the points from your warp core go where you'd like them to go.

So, with that in mind, permit me to make a couple of suggestions:

* Stacking limits should be increased, significantly. *OR* we should have dedicated battery bays aboard ship, that automatically load looted/purchased batteries from inventory, as space becomes available.


* Batteries should be just batteries. No point to having them differentiated by type. When you use the appropriate Emergency Power to X ability, your Engineer boff will still automatically use a battery for that purpose. If you don't have the appropriate Emergency Power to X ability, you can still activate a battery for whichever power type by using the actions tray, or (in the case of engines, weapons, shields) by double clicking or double-typing the button to go to that mode.

Or, alternatively....

* Make batteries act like batteries. Give each subsystem a battery slot on the ship status screen, for generic or specific batteries, whichever way. Batteries start off empty, and begin to charge as soon as their matched subsystem is fully charged, at the same rate as the matched subsystem. When a subsystem takes power drain for any reason other than the captain changing power levels, the batteries will automatically supply their power points to their matched subsystem until they are empty. This deep cycling causes wear and tear on the batteries, and each time they cycle down and recharge, they lose one or more points from their max capacity, until they are burned out completely and must be replaced.

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