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05-02-2010, 07:04 AM
Same Problem here as well. That problem is existing for a long time already and it hasn't been fixed yet. This is the first bug where I think: "This is a poor job of Cryptic rooting out an important bug."
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05-02-2010, 07:25 AM
Originally Posted by MetalMessiah
i agree with this, but not just for that reason, we should be able to do the pvp we enjoy to get the marks and not forced into one type with one map. its not fair to the people who like ground pvp, even though we seem to be few and far between...
i was wondering about that, do you HAVE to do space missions for your badges always? no ground missions count towards the marks?

to other players claiming bugged (im not sure if it is) did u check uf you are in the right map, its not always C&H. sometimes u need to do arena. or just kerrat. and i heard something about you having to win to get the point. if all that is still the case. then ok, and ill shut up. felt it bug out on me once to. but i didnt check what mission i was supposed to be playing. i dropped and could not take it again that day.

also people complaining oooh its not fair i have to do arena, comon, its not that bad. and if u get your buts handed to you, then who cares. watch what they are doing and learn from it. u might get better from it. and after 3 times wich means a whopping 20 minutes of your time you get your badges. i dont see the problem. after that you can go nuts on the C&H

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