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# 1 Game is getting frustrating
04-30-2010, 06:57 PM
I like the game, and use to get on when I had an hour or so to kill. Well, that option has been illiminated. The combat is not harder but destroying some of the ships takes much longer. I use to get a mission done in an hour or so. Now, just one system of a patrol mission takes over an hours. Wonder if the developers are telling me to stop playing.

Crew, is ridiculous, I am a cruiser/engineer that is equipped with many of the approprite buffs for shields. I can fight a good while without my shields going down, and my hull above 95%. So, why does my crew drop to below 1/3 left? I have lost battles when my crew was all gone and i had full shields and 95% hull.

And why do my weapons stop firing? I have to restart the game to get them back.

And the autofire keeps shutting off.

I like the game but maybe less resources for "new" and fix the thing?

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