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# 1 Release Notes - May 06, 2010
05-06-2010, 03:53 AM
  • Polaron ground weapon bolt audio has been beefed up.
  • The Pakled dumb luck trait has been adjusted to match the tooltip.
  • The Trill neck texture now blends properly when wearing clothing that shows skin past the neck.
  • Updated the Destiny Bridges to fix a texture issue.
  • Auctions no longer expire as we verify that expired items are properly returned to the player.

  • Fix an issue where skillpoints spent was not showing up accurately in space for your captain.
  • Tooltips will now display "n/a" for "points to next rank" and "points to next grade" if the captain is maxed out on ranks and/or grades.
  • The shield facing icons are no longer inverted.

  • PvP Arena stability has been improved.
  • Fixed the PvP Assault queue text error that showed FvF as KvF.

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