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# 1 1.1: Change to Neck Scales?
05-02-2010, 03:42 AM
I'm using the Neck Scales Base Complexion for my "Denobulan" Alien, because I don't like the stubbles on the other settings and there is no genuine Denobulan chin-piece.

However, since the 1.1 patch, whenever I try to use the tailor, my base complexion resets to "Standard 1". When I then change it back to Neck Scales, it looks very different from my old look


Was this change intended? If so, could I also get another option for my old look? At the moment I can't even change my uniform because it resets my face as well.

Lt. Commander
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# 2
01-19-2012, 07:03 PM
Sorry to Necro thread and all... but this is the ONLY post that describes exactly what I have just encountered.

I have a custom alien that looks GREAT, and still does. I even have him saved so I can copy his species. However, when I create a new alien and load the species up, the base complexion is reset and when I put it back to Neck Scales, it looks VERY different, as per the OP. This also occurs when I have the original character go to the tailor.

What happened? >.>

I want to share this species with a friend, but the look is so different that I am not so sure anymore.

P.S. I just came back from like a year of being away.

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