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How meny of you folks out there in Sto land would like to see this added into the binds or controll options .Mouse look assosiated to a point of view Hat button on a stick . to make things a little bit easyier on the hands and fingers/ or in my case hand
i personaly would be a happy camper if they would do this becase it would be a whole lot easyier on my hand if i just could "Controll Mouse Look" with t a 4 a\way hat swith by my thumb for look right-left-up and down . So i'm woundering how meny folks in sto would like to see this added into the game.
i know i would ... would go along great with the new chase cam perfactly As welll as make it easyier for me to controll things with out havving to stuggle with the keys while fighting in pvp and Pve.

Can the DEV Team Please add this to the Options and Key binds ? i use to be able to in the legacey game when it was just a computer game AI through a command line option that was in the key binds section or something like that . and i was able to play with out fighting with the keys on the key board.

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