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# 141 Lack of Vision and foresight
05-10-2010, 11:09 AM
Well first, nice the Federation gets yet ANOTHER ship...why isnt there a list of ships to choose from...say some new Klingon ship the player might choose instead?
More and more it STILL seems to play out that the only faction Cryptic cares about is Federation.
If this mentality does not eventually change the game will die. It will have no long lasting sustainability as a viable MMO...especially not one where faction vs faction pvp was a theme.
I mean really, c'mon, this isnt rocket science here, you can't tell me theres NO ONE in the studios who thought "umm, guys, what about a ship for the OTHER Faction?"
Or did he get shushed and made to go fetch coffee and doughnuts while the rest of the staff planned?

As far as the Galaxy-X. This should be just a skin.....for the love of god..no cloak for the Federation please!
They don't need it and it would only make a bad thing worse. I'm not even going into the details on why this would be bad....theres entire forums awash with it.
Yes it would be a cool skin.....give it perhaps some other cool weapon (whatever that spinal mount looking cannon was) but leave the cloak out of it.

And at least TRY and PRETEND you care about the Ridgeheads........don't just offer the Galaxy-X, offer a new Klingon ship and have the player choose from ONE of the two please. At least make it look like you care for the boys on the other ide of the nuetral zone.

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