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# 1 Suggestions for new BO powers.
05-05-2010, 04:23 PM
I think that the number of abilities available to Bridge officers is actually fairly limited, this should be fixed. The abilities found in-game right now are fairly balanced, and new powers should be as well. Powerful abilities shouldn't last long, or, they should have drawbacks.

For example, as a Star Trek fan, I am sincerely disappointed that the Ablative Generator brought back by Admiral Janeway was not developed further by the Federation and in common use by 2409.

It seems fairly simple to me that it should at least be a BO power, it was even mentioned in the episode that it was incompatible with certain things on Voyager, giving it built-in drawbacks to balance it.

As far as I can tell, an Ablative Generator ability would have the following positive affects:

1. All energy damage reduced by 50% for the duration.
2. All kinetic damage reduced by 30% for the duration.
3. Immune to holds for the duration.

And the following negative affects:

1. All beam weapons disabled for the duration.
2. Engine power reduced by 50% for the duration.

Personally, i would classify it as a commander level engineering ability, but that's up to the devs.

It wouldn't have to look like this, but some similar affect wouldn't hurt..

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